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The votes are in; Luka Doncic named All-Star starter

The votes are in; Luka Doncic named All-Star starter


You voted so this could happen.

Last night, Luka Doncic was officially named an All-Star starter in the Western Conference, his first All-Star appearance.

Doncic currently averages 29.1 points, 9.6 rebounds, and 9.0 assists for the Mavericks who sit 5th in the Western Conference with a record of 28-16.

Coming out of the Western Conference, Luka joins James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, and LeBron James, who will be serve as an All-Star captain.

“It was amazing. It’s something I never thought was going to happen in my life. It was just something special. I got really emotional,” Doncic said to TNT’s Allie LaForce after the win in Portland.

Some historic numbers: Luka is the youngest All-Star starter since LeBron James in 2005 and joins a heralded list of legends that have not just been named an All-Star at the age of 20 but started the All-Star game at 20-years-old (see below).

What’s next? The All-Star reserves will be announced next Thursday on NBA Tip-Off on TNT. The draft is scheduled for the following Thursday on February 6th on TNT, where captains LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo will draft the teams.

What team will Luka end up on? LeBron, the leading vote getter, gets the first pick, who sat in this same position last season and picked his soon-to-be teammate Anthony Davis. An educated guess can be made that LeBron will follow suit and draft Davis again, especially being that the All-Star game will be in Davis’ hometown of Chicago, which makes me think Giannis will pick Luka with the second pick. Giannis and Luka on the same team? Sounds like the Mavericks’pipe dream, one that could come true in the summer of 2021.

“I used to dream as a kid of just being in the NBA, now I can play in the All-Star game.”

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