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This Multipotentialite’s Dream Position

This Multipotentialite’s Dream Position

As many of my network knows, I am currently a free-agent looking for my next full-time position and company. People often ask me what my dream position and company would be and I have had some time to reflect on that answer during this time.

I want to work for a company that has a strong corporate culture of inclusion, ethical behavior, treating employees well, and strong community involvement just to name a few. I have worked in companies that profess to have a specific corporate culture, but you later find out it is all a marketing scheme and none of the values truly hold up in the workplace. I have also worked for companies that hold no values at all except to make money and gain power. Neither of these scenarios are fun for employees who hold the above core values.

My background is in both marketing, I hold a BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M University – Mays Business School, and law, I am licensed to practice law and went to school Texas A&M University School of Law. My ideal position would be to be able to use my business degree and law degree together to give all-encompassing advice to C-levels on how best to grow the business. At my last position I had a dual role of both marketing and law. I also handled all public, player, and a community relations along with a whole slew of other tasks. But that is for another article.

When an employer looks at my resume they might see me as flighty, but that is truly not the case. If they asked I would tell them why I left certain companies (the cultural values didn’t mesh or I refused to be part of unethical behavior or I was harassed) or why I have held multiple positions at once. I am what is known as a multipotentialite.

What is that you might ask? Take a view of the short video below and you will see. Essentially we are people that have multiple creative pursuits and interests and are able to adapt easily from one role to another. We have the ability and preference to excel in two or more different fields at the same time.

There are 3 superpowers we possess and those are:

  1. Idea synthesis: Taking knowledge from different fields and merging them into a new idea
  2. Rapid learning: Ability to go all-in on a subject and become well versed in it quickly
  3. Adaptability: Ability to adapt to ideas, processes, and roles seamlessly

I am at my best when I am able to problem solve issues from many different perspectives. If I am asked about a legal problem in the marketing department, it might lead me to solve the problem then come up with a whole new marketing scheme in an hour for the new campaign. If I walk past someone’s desk and hear them talking about machine learning, then I will have a conversation with them about the various machine learning algorithms I have studied and their thoughts on data analytics in sports.

We are also known as renaissance men and women, but for some reason we have been seen in a negative light recently. During this time I have been working on the following items:

  • Taking a Stanford machine learning class online
  • Learning Italian from my cousin
  • Learning about nutrition from a licensed nutritionist
  • Creating a new app for the sports world and speaking to accelerators about it
  • Applying to marketing, PR, and legal roles
  • Writing articles and creating videos for USA TODAY’s NFL Wire Sites and Dallas Sports Fanatic

Those are just a few of the tasks I am currently interested in and working on for fun. Multipotentialites might look like we don’t know what we want to do, but that isn’t the case. We have interests in a variety of fields and when those interests are allowed to be merged together, then we have a crazy amount of information and work to give to our companies and colleagues.

A few multipotentiliates or renaissance men & women you might be familiar with:

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • René Descartes
  • Isaac Newton
  • Aristotle
  • Maya Angelou
  • Richard Branson
  • Hedy Lamarr
  • Beatrix Potter


A Multipotentialite Looking for the Right Fit

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