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Three reasons as to why Byron Jones will have a breakout 2018 season.

The Dallas Cowboys will play their season opener against the Carolina Panthers this Sunday at 4:25 ET. As we all know, the Cowboys have made changes on both the offense and defense so there will be players and matchups to look for this Sunday. 

One player I feel will not only make an impact on Sunday, but he will turn some heads in various games for the Cowboys, that player is Cornerback Byron Jones. We will discuss three reasons as to why Byron Jones will have a breakout season in 2018.  

Kris Richard is in charge

Once Kris Richard, who was the creator of the Legion of Boom with the Seattle Seahawks, came to Dallas we all knew some changes were going to occur. Richard preaches how he prefers long and big corners, so they can be physical with wide receivers at the line of scrimmage.  

Byron Jones fits exactly what Richard wants in his defensive backs, so switching Jones to cornerback was a no-brainer. Now that jones is back at his best position, he can now showcase the physical traits he’s naturally gifted with.  

Look for Richard to use Jones in a lot of press man coverages on certain downs to make the opposition fight for yardage on passing plays. Can Richard create a Legion of Boom in Dallas? We will find out. 

Fifth-year option

Let’s not forget the Cowboys did Jones a favor by picking up his fifth-year option earlier this offseason. By doing this, Jones now has an extra year to prove himself in case the Cowboys do not sign him to a long-term contract.  

If Jones ends up playing well and deserving of a payday, he can test the free agent market where a team will sign him to a long-term deal. Jones understands that so he’s willing to lay it all out on the field to potentially receive a contract whether it’s here in Dallas or on another team. 

In this league, you must do what’s it takes to help the team be victorious but also understand you need to set yourself up for your future on and off the gridiron. 

Jones is back at Cornerback

Byron Jones is an interesting player because he came into the league back in 2015 as a cornerback. 

Jones switched to safety in which he played the last two seasons because of injuries in the secondary. Jones will now be back at his natural position which will be cornerback. 

He is at his best when he can be physical at the line of scrimmage and get his hands on the opposing player.  

This style of play will lead to more opportunities for turnovers for Jones as that has been the one knock on him since entering the league.  

As we gear up for the 2018 season, look for Jones to make a statement and be the breakout player as he makes the switch back to cornerback. 


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