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Three takeaways from week one of Renegades training camp

Three takeaways from week one of Renegades training camp


Houston, TX- The Dallas Renegades have concluded week one of training camp and it was nothing short of eventful.

Landry Jones injured

The breaking news cycled swiftly as it was reported Landry Jones suffered a knee injury during Monday’s practice and is expected to be out four to six weeks, potentially missing the Renegades season opener against the St. Louis Battlehawks. While the timetable on Jones’ return is rocky, it is possible the Renegades could be without him up to four games (almost half the season.)

“We are sorry to see Landry sidelined for the next 4-6 weeks and are hopeful he will heal quickly and be back on the field at our opener, if not just shortly after,” Renegades head coach and general manager Bob Stoops said. “Landry is the leader of our team and will continue to play that key role.”

As a result the Renegades turn to backup quarterback Philip Nelson to step up to the plate and possibly lead the team well into the early season. Nelson has been working closely with Jones and demonstrates great ability in deep ball accuracy as well as starting leadership during his time with the San Diego Fleet of the Alliance of American Football.

Ultimately, Jones’ much anticipated return to the field will be based on healing and recovery.

Quarterback Depth

Additionally, the Renegades have signed former Syracuse QB Eric Dungey to be the new backup quarterback. Dungey has taken this first week to learn play calls and familiarize himself with the Renegades offense. While Dungey works his way through a new playbook, Jerrod Heard will be waiting in the wings and taking snaps to add quarterback depth to the team. Heard was initially drafted by Dallas as a wide receiver but formerly played quarterback at UT Austin.

The Renegades are leaving no room for surprises when it comes to QB play but it will be interesting to see how the backup QB situation develops once Jones returns.

XFL League Rules

“America’s favorite game is evolving, and that means less stall and more ball.”

The XFL rolled out its official rulebook that is being referred to as both innovative and creative with five gameplay innovations, five timing changes and five common sense rules.

The entire list of rules can be found here but here are a few that are making noise.

“The XFL’s proposed rule change will encourage more kick returns while making the play less dangerous by eliminating the 30-yard sprint to collision.”

One of the league’s main focuses is to speed up the game. This means there is now a 25 second play clock along with additional rules that will keep the game just under three hours. The Renegades are also testing a unique set of radio communication in their helmets that will allow coaches to communicate with all on-field skills players ultimately minimizing the need for huddles.

And if that’s not enough adjustment for you, contrary to the NFL’s contentment with not being able to explain a fair catch, the XFL is making it painfully simple.

“To catch a ball means that a player:

  1. Secures control of a live ball in flight before the ball touches the ground.
  2. Touches the ground in bounds with any part of his body, and then
  3. Maintains control of the ball long enough to enable him to perform an act common to the game, i.e., long enough to pitch or hand the ball, advance it, avoid or ward off an opponent, etc.”

The Dallas Renegades move onto week two of training camp Monday morning and is set to end January 22nd.

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