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3 things to watch for in round one of Doncic vs Young

3 things to watch for in round one of Doncic vs Young


Greg Ellis or Randy Moss? Do you remember the debate?

In one of the few times in his life that Jerry Jones resisted his innate gambler’s instinct to swing for the fences, he actually missed out on drafting one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history.

Greg Ellis was good. Solid. Dependable. And a good citizen. But, Randy Moss made great defensive backs look like Oompa Loompas stuck in quick sand on a regular basis for the next decade plus.

Sure there were character concerns, but Moss was a weekly, “I can’t believe what I just saw!” highlight. And Jerry passed on him, surprisingly playing it safe.

Sometimes, the MUST take the bold risk if you want to reap the highest reward. Luka Doncic is Mark Cuban’s “bet it ALL on Black” move.

In trading up for Luka, the Mavs passed on Trae Young (who is looking better than “just fine” by the way), and also gave up what could be a very nice pick in next year’s first round. In the eyes of many, Luka and Trae will always be linked. Always be compared. Always having the success of one measured by the success of the other.

So far, I imagine that both teams are extremely happy with their decisions. Time will tell who “won the trade”, but so far, I imagine most MFFLs are certainly more than happy with the rather large and extremely skilled 19-year-old Slovenian wunderkind. The risk was worth it.

Defense (will anybody play any?)

Through three games, the Hawks are giving up a brutally pathetic 122.6 points per game. You’re probably automatically thinking “The Mavs should have no problem slicing up that nonexistent D! Easy win!” But, then I have to also mention that the Mavs are giving up exactly 122 points per game through the first three games. So the question becomes, “Who will play like…ANY defense? Tonight, we shall find out.

Let the big guy eat!

The Hawks start Alex Len at Center. Len was high draft pick and is a big body, but to say he has been a career disappointment thus far is an understatement. DeAndre is a monster comprised of soul deflating dunks, smile inducing pep talks, and he is determined to greedily hog ALL the rebounds for himself. DJ has been a much needed breath of fresh air in this franchise with his huge upbeat personality but dude has also been balling! His 17 points and just under 13 boards per night while shooting 70% from the floor and 90% from the free throw line has all Mavs fans smiling. Look for him to dominate again tonight. 

Luka vs Trae: Round One

Now, you know, and I know that Luka and Trae will rarely if ever guard one another but we also know that there is zero doubt that the connection between these two star rookies will be the governing narrative of the game. Who will get hot? Who will look like the better prospect? And as often is most important: Who will make the fewest mistakes?

Mark Cuban and the Mavs didn’t play it safe, they bet it ALL on Luka being a truly transcendent player. I like the risk. And so far, it’s feeling pretty great.

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