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Dallas Cowboys

Time for change in Big D

Time for change in Big D


The Dallas Cowboys now sit 2-3 after a 19-16 overtime loss in Houston this past Sunday night. They will be looking to improve to 3-0 at home and avoid a 2-4 start against Jalen Ramsey and the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday. It is getting late early in a lot of ways in Dallas. The offense is a mess and the defense is doing all they can but they can’t seem to force turnovers consistently.

How much is enough?

This is a question a lot of Cowboys fans have been asking when it comes to the coaching staff, specifically Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan. Garrett’s latest decision to punt on 4th and 1 in overtime at the Texans 42 yard line even had Jerry Jones asking questions. That was a decision a week after Garrett went for it on 4th down against the Detroit Lions because he believed in the guys up front and running back Ezekiel Elliott.

“When you have a belief in the guys up front and you can hand the ball to 21 and you feel good about that, that’s really where the decision-making process starts,” Garrett said.

Garrett has defended his decision saying it was a “long yard.” The Cowboys are 18 out of 19 on 4th-and-1 since Elliott arrived in Dallas.

Dak or the coaching staff, who is to blame?

This is a question the Cowboys need to figure out. The Cowboys have seven touchdowns this season in five games. They are 30th in passing yards since 2017 while averaging 190 passing yards per game for the last 21 games.

After an impressive rookie campaign, Prescott has struggled since midway through the 2017 season. In his last 13 games, Prescott has thrown 13 interceptions after throwing just six in his first 19 games.

You ask anybody what Prescott’s biggest flaw is and they will tell you accuracy first. That is an issue that former quarterback Troy Aikman says cannot be fixed.

 Here is the full quote from Troy:


It took four months for Allen Hurns to speak his mind on Linehan’s play calling. Hurns told ESPNs Josina Anderson that part of the problem is the playcalling. He specifically pointed out the playcall on Daks 2nd interception Sunday was “the worst playcall you can make against that coverage.”  Hurns said that the Texans ran a two man coverage where the corners typically play underneath and the Cowboys receivers were running deep curl routes.

Hurns, who signed a two year deal in Dallas this offseason, has 8 catches for 84 yards in five games.

Where I stand?

The Cowboys have remained consistent with the notion that they believe in both the quarterback and the offensive staff.

I am of the belief that one or the other has to go before they make a long-term commitment to Prescott. You can’t go forward as a team with both parties as it is simply not working and shows no signs of improvement. As it stands today, there is no way I am signing Dak to a contract that quarterbacks get nowadays.

I also don’t believe the front office put either side in position to succeed with the arrogance they showed during the offseason by not addressing the loss of Dez Bryant or Jason Witten. They continually said that they did not need a number one receiver and that Dak would ultimately be able to spread the ball around without either one in his ear constantly asking for the ball.

So far, the Cowboys were way off in their approach this past offseason and it shows every Sunday. However, the Cowboys refuse to admit their wrong doings. Should things continue this way, changes with the coaching staff should happen.

Staff writer covering the Dallas Cowboys | Grew up in Plano, Texas. Graduated from Plano east in 2009, graduated from American broadcasting school in 2011. Big time DFW sports fan. Once went to Shawn Marions pool party the summer the Mavs won the championship.

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