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Trade Deadline Series: Mavericks Player Value – Dirk Nowitzki

The day has arrived. We are less than 12 hours away from finding out what the Mavericks roster will look like for the remainder of the season. We have given insight on every players’ value, so in keeping with this segment, we must tell you what the trade value holds for Dirk Nowitzki……


DirkDirk Nowitzki




35 years 8 months

Season Stats:

21.7 PPG – 6.1 RPG – 2.9 APG


Will always be a starter regardless of the team, always a threat for a 30 point game. Eventually with age will have to be second or third option on offense for a team.


Trade Value:

Dirk 1

Some things just never change. Nowitzki (on the brink of turning 36 years old) remains the Mavs’ go-to guy, a unique 7-footer whose shooting ability makes him the primary focus for opposing defenses, creating space for his teammates to operate. Monta Ellis has especially benefited from playing with the big German, having one of his better shooting campaigns of his career in his first season with the Mavs. Nowitzki had some questions coming into this season, would health become a lingering issue, would his number be down, was he done being a elite power forward? 1150 points and one all star appearance later those questions have quitted. Dirk is still averaging a respectable 22 points a game to go along with a 50-40-90 shooting percentage (on track to be the oldest player to ever do so). However, with Nowitzki being the best player for the Mavs, that also means the Mavs take shape of their leader.  Nowitzki has never been a above average defensive player and with age, it’s only gotten worse. Nowitzki is repeating history we’re well accustomed to in leading one of the best offensive, but worst defensive teams in the league. His work ethic and professionalism however sets the standard for every other player who steps foot in that locker room, giving the Mavs a good reputation during his tenure.
The Mavs swung and missed on their attempt to make Nowitzki the second-best player on the team this past summer. They never got a chance to make a pitch to Chris Paul, and they weren’t persuasive enough to talk Dwight Howard into joining Nowitzki for his golden years instead of teaming with James Harden as he heads into his prime. This probably sealed Dirk’s fate, he is now destined to be the Mavs’ best player for the remaining years he has in Big D. Dallas settled for reconstructing Nowitzki supporting cast by signing Ellis and Calderon (among others) to let Dirk end his career in a competitive manner. Nowitzki has been on the record with his intention to re-sign with the Mavs next summer at a drastically reduced salary for two or three more seasons. With a style that ages well, he expects to be able to perform at a high level for at least that long.

The Mavs won’t trade Dirk, he simply means too much to the team and the community. Also it’s worth noting that Nowitzki’s contract contains the very rare “no trade clause” that prevents the Mavs from trading Dirk without his discretion.  He will never play for another NBA team. It’s a matter of how long he decides to keep going in Dallas and whether he’ll ever have a legitimate chance to contend for another championship. This trade deadline, it’ll be the other Mavs players the team will look at to deal in order to improve their team. Dirk will always be there and it’s silly to think the Mavs would try to trade the best player in franchise history at this point in his career.


Days until trade deadline: The deadline is today at 3:00 PM EST. (2:00PM CST). Be sure to follow us on twitter for any Mavs related trades.

Stay tuned!

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