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Trade Deadline Series: Mavs Player Value – Harris & Carter

Now only 4 days away, we continue are look each Mavericks player and their value on the trade market with other teams. Be sure to check back every day as we count down towards the trade deadline.


Players: Devin Harris and Vince Carter

What is the trade value for these 2 seasoned veterans that bring scoring, leadership among others on expiring contracts?


Harris- $884,293- Carter- $ 3,180,000


Harris – 30 years, 11 months, Carter – 37 years, 1 month

Season Stats:

Harris: 8.9 PPG – 3.8 APG – 1.3 RPG

Carter: 11.3 PPG – 2.8 APG – 3.3 RPG


Harris His best days are most likely behind him. His current role is probably his best usage, good savvy scoring reserve off the bench. Could start for some of the non-playoff teams in this league at his age still.

Carter – For his age is exceeding expectations. Potential has clearly been reached in solid, scoring presence off bench for playoff caliber team.


Trade Value:


Signed to a guaranteed one-year, $884,293 contract. Much like DeJuan Blair, the Mavs were able to take advantage of acquiring Harris as a veteran minimum signing. Harris, who was traded away from the Mavs 6 years ago for Jason Kidd, comes back to Dallas as a more polished defensive player but has no doubt been on the downswing offensively (he was averaging 21.3 PPG his first full year with the Nets but is averaging just 10 points in his last 3 seasons. However that is not to underestimate him as a player that is constantly on the lookout for a nice 15 point game on any given night. Defensively, his progression in Atlanta (his lone season last year with the team where he played alongside point guard Jeff Teague) provided some unique flexibility as he defended the shooting guard position with moderate success. Injuries have plagued Harris throughout career. Taking out the 66-game lockout season of 2012-13, Harris averaged 65.2 games played in a five-year span leading up to this season. This season he seems poised to compete in about 40 games, essentially missing half the season. Harris and teammate DeJuan Blair are in the same boat as they signed a one year deal in hopes of proving their worth to guarantee a longer contract this summer (similar to OJ Mayo). Trade Value wise, Harris is a big asset for the Mavs. He can only be looked to be realistically dealt to a contender since anyone else could simply sign him outright this summer. Although the Mavs plan to entertain him with offers of their own this summer, it would be wise to at least make calls and find out what his value would be in a trade. Teams that are looking for scoring punch from guards off the bench (such as Portland, Oklahoma City, or even Brooklyn) as they make their descent into a long playoff run could look at Harris as a great 3-4 month loaner. If the Mavs have decided that Harris most likely isn’t in their future plans they should at least look to get a 2nd round pick and a player in return (such as Alan Anderson from Brooklyn or Thomas Robinson from Portland).

Although has been injured, he has proven that he can still be a nice scoring option off the bench for any team in this league. His defensive improvement has also allowed him to be a bigger asset than most for the Mavs. If the team does hold on to him, look for them to almost certainly pursue him in the off-season, if not they would lose him for nothing.



Carter is in the last year of his deal that is worth just a shade over $ 3 million for this season. Carter has shown that age is just a number (Carter recently turned 37 years old) and has been providing the Mavs instant offense and underrated defense in his third consecutive season as the Mavs’ sixth man. Most of all, Carter has been able to stay healthy and drive a Mavs bench that has under preformed since the 2011 championship bench. Carter’s health can be attributed to Coach Rick Carlisle keeping his minutes in the mid-20s per game, putting a priority on keeping the 17-year vet. Carter remains an outstanding one-on-one and pick-and-roll creator and offensive focal point for the second unit. He also is a floor-spacing complement, knocking down 36.6 percent of his 3-pointers this season. Trade value wise, owner Mark Cuban went on the record late last season saying he hopes to retain Carter’s services after his contract expires this summer. Carter said he hasn’t considered retirement, adding that his body will tell him when it’s time. He certainly looks capable of continuing to be an NBA contributor beyond 2014. Carter’s shooting, and leadership along with his expiring deal makes him that much more attractive to contending teams. Teams in need of a shooter (such as the Trailblazers, or injury-ridden Spurs). These caliber-type teams are likely the only ones that would be interested in someone like Carter at his age. The Mavs would likely only be able to yield a draft pick, however they could reasonably ask for that pick to be a first rounder given Carter’s high value.

The bottom line is that both Harris and Carter are both in the final months of expiring contracts and given their scoring punch and leadership, they could help out any team from a reserve role. If the Mavs decide to hang on to them both, expect them to likely look to resign them this summer as they will have run the risk of losing high caliber talent for nothing. Time will tell if their decision pays off or could come to haunt them in the future.

Days until trade deadline: 4 days

Stay tuned!

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