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Travis Frederick diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome, no timetable for return

Travis Frederick has released a statement regarding the status of his health.

The Cowboys center revealed he is suffering from an auto immune disease called Guillain Barre Syndrome; a rare condition in which the immune system attacks the nerves.

Frederick had been experiencing what was believed to be a stinger for several weeks before seeking out a specialist here is Frisco.

The All-Pro tweeted out the following statement:

Although Cowboys were hopeful and fairly confident Frederick would return in time for Week 1, doctors have concluded it is “not possible to determine a time table for a return to the field right now.”

It is deeply encouraging that Frederick’s condition was detected at an early stage. Some of the more severe effects of this condition are weakness and tingling sensations, and in extreme cases even paralysis. The causes of Guillain Barre Syndrome are unknown.

Dallas Sports Fanatic will bring you any updates as they become available and of course we are all wishing for the best as Travis continues treatments throughout the next few weeks.


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