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Welcome to the 2018 NFL league year

Congratulations! We have officially made it to the 2018 NFL league year. 

March 14 marks the first day of the 2018 league year kicking off the free agency and trading periods beginning at 4.p.m., New York time.

If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, you’ve probably been constantly refreshing your news feeds, waiting to join the list of teams making vicious moves (i.e. Philly, Green Bay, Rams.)

The free agency officially began today, however, teams took advantage of the tampering period that began on Monday and was made legal by the NFL.  But waiting on the Cowboys to hit us with news should be routine by now.

There is in fact a method behind the Cowboys free agency madness.

Typically the Cowboys prioritize the draft rather than spending big on the free agency. It’s a challenging strategy to cope with, but it allows the team to build on younger players showing long-term promise.

The process requires patience, obviously, and the Cowboys front office are quite literally the experts in playing that game.

As of now, the biggest move the Cowboys have made is the signing of DeMarcus Lawrence, which is huge. It may not seem like a power punch, but locking in #90 is a crucial puzzle piece for this team.

The draft will take place April 26-28 and it is very likely that the Cowboys will wait until then to make some noise.

For now, Cowboys Nation may have to settle for rumors and speculations.

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