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What are the Rangers’ future plans in right field after Joey Gallo?

What are the Rangers’ future plans in right field after Joey Gallo?

Last month in making projections for each position, it was a cakewalk talking about right field. I mean, Joey Gallo was a gold glove winner in 2020, and it’s clear he gets the nod on opening day. However, noise kicks every day wondering if and when the Rangers will push the trade button on Joey Gallo. Talks are that it’s not “if” the Rangers trade Joey Gallo, but “when” will the Rangers trade him? Well, there’s another aspect to that. What happens in right field “if” and “after” the club deals Gallo. Here are some thoughts if the club looks internal or external.

David Dahl

The Rangers acquired David Dahl in December, thanks to Joey Gallo’s sales pitch. Dahl will turn 27 come opening day and was an All-Star for the reeling Rockies in 2019. In his career, Dahl played sixty games in right field and twenty-four back in 2019 (two last year). Sure, David’s primary position is left field, but switching him over to right is a viable option. Though I’ll say, it’s awkward for Dahl to take over Joey Gallo’s spot, a fellow friend and a reason why Dahl went to Texas.

Eli White

The Rangers got the first look at Eli White in 2020. While Eli’s luck on the offensive side didn’t look great (had many bad luck at-bats), the club got a look at some excellent defense. White’s work consisted of left field with the other outfield spots sprinkled in. Eli didn’t commit an error in his 128 innings of work in the outfield. It’s curious to speculate what the Rangers’ eventual plans are for Eli White, but the club got some cheerful looks last season though it’s doubtful he’ll be up in the first portion of the year.

Willie Calhoun

If Willie can duplicate his 2019 performance, the Rangers will have to look at numerous ways to give Calhoun some playing time. After the season, Jon Daniels said he didn’t want Willie to get comfortable as an everyday designated hitter. In my honest opinion, I don’t see that happening before or after the trade deadline. Calhoun is working on improving his defense, and the Rangers are taking notice. Is Willie the defensive answer for Gallo? Not really, but from a lineup perspective, I can see Willie being a dangerous middle of the order guy, similar to Joey (if he continues his 2019 trend).

Keep Joey Gallo?

Let’s look at the opposite side of the spectrum. The Rangers could keep Joey Gallo and get an extension done, and there you have your franchise player. I mean, think about it, the club drafted him, he wants to be a Texas Ranger, the fans love Joey, and he made his initial mark on Globe Life Field. In 2021, Joey Gallo is the first name many think of when thinking Texas Rangers. Is keeping him a possibility? Well, of course, but remember where the club is at the moment. The Rangers are in a rebuild mode and likely out of contention for this year and next year. Joey’s small salary at the moment could be digging gold for other teams, but the key is how the market will operate at the trade deadline. It’s a slippery slope and gets more slippery as time passes.

The Rangers have numerous insert options at right field, assuming Gallo moves on. Again, these are inserted options, not long term solutions. The Rangers could draft a potential high stud in the outfield and let him develop until it’s time or goes externally in free agency. While it’ll take time, the club’s decision making is urgent considering the season starts in less than two months.

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