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What Kavon Frazier’s situation could mean for Dallas

Rejoice rejoice! Training camp has officially started! Last night kicked off the first practice of the Dallas Cowboys 2018 training camp. We are only 43 days away from the season opener against the Carolina Panthers. One player missing from practice yesterday was two year safety Kavon Frazier.

On Wednesday,  Frazier was placed on the reserve/non-footbal injury list for a potential blood-clotting disorder. As someone who works in the medical field, I can tell you this could be a big problem for the Cowboys safety. I can also tell you that it will probably take a good while for physicians to figure out what is going on with him and once they do, they still need to figure out what the best treatment will be. No one wants to risk Frazier being on the field and getting tackled thus causing some type of catastrophic bleed. This medical condition could be a game changer for young safety.  Two years ago, Jason Pinkston from the Cleveland Browns was forced to retire for a clotting issue. What this means is that Frazier could be out indefinitely thus leaving the Cowboys without another safety.

With all this being said, I’d like to once again bring up the issue of Earl Thomas. The veteran Seattle Seahawks safety did not report to the start of training camp and will not report unless he gets his contract extension. According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, the Seahawks stated that there is “zero chance” of a new deal for the star safety if he does not report to camp. For those who’ve been living under a rock, Thomas told Cowboys coach Jason Garrett last year to “come get me” after the Cowboys/Seahawks game.

So, lets put two and two together. There’s a possibility Cowboys may lose one of their safeties indefinitely, and there’s a six-time pro-bowl safety that would like a trade to Dallas. It’s not rocket science people. Yes Thomas is expensive and the Cowboys would most likely have to give up a draft pick next year, but better build our defense now when we can before the Cowboys have to shell out big bucks next year for Dak Prescott‘s new contract.

Look, no one wants anything bad to happen to Frazier, but the Cowboys must be cognizant as to the possibility of him not returning this season. Hopefully they’ll give the Thomas situation more thought. We shall see.


Staff writer covering the Dallas Cowboys | I grew up in Dallas and played HS and club soccer. I'm an avid sports fan and can remember going to Super Bowl parties with my parents in the 90s. That's when my love for the Cowboys began. I also happen to share a birthday with Mr. Aikman himself! I have my Master's in Nurse Anesthesia and work locally in the DFW area. I'm passionate about music, art, sports, traveling and my french bulldog, Zoey. I still play soccer and like to stay active.

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