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What to watch for in what may be the final home game in Dirk’s career

What to watch for in what may be the final home game in Dirk’s career

The Mavericks come home after a OT thriller 129-127 win over the Memphis Grizzlies. In what was a gritty game, the highlight was Salah Merji taking over in the fourth. The Mej had a personal 7-0 run to start the overtime which he himself had forced at the end of regulation. Once again, the lottery standings are thrown into chaos as the team continues to not tank correctly. Now tied for the 7th best lottery odds, Dirk and the Mavs will play host to the lowly Pheonix Suns.

But the reason Dallas fans will be in the stands tonight, with an average price of $272 a ticket, is to honor, enjoy, and say “farewell” to the Dirk Nowitzki, in what is the unofficial last home game of his career, the reason to watch is the Big German.

Party on the plaza

What better way to send off the greatest Maverick of all-time than with an epic pre-game party? As expected, Cuban and the Mavs are pulling no punches in making this a night to remember. It’s no secret the organization has been planning some special events for the most recent member to the 10k rebound club. According to Cuban, “It’s going to be a special night whether he wants it or likes it or not.”

Even if you do not have a ticket for the game, all fans are encouraged to come early and stay late for all the festivities. There will be a chance to walk the blue carpet, food, drinks, and other events. For more info on the Party on the Plaza, click here. This should be the biggest party downtown has seen on a Tuesday in quite a while.

What to expect from Dirk

For most fans of basketball, the final outcome of tonight’s contest is not important. What everyone wants to see at the AAC is anything vintage 41. One-legged fadeaways, transitions threes, and maybe even a dunk or two.

There is no doubt there will be some sort of a tribute or tributes for the greatest Maverick of all-time. Crowds from all other arena’s have chanted “Dirk” and given him standing ovations at games. Nowitzki will no doubt hear MFFL’s cheers for anything and everything he does this night. Kobe Bryant famously finished his last game with 60 points on 50 shots. Dirk has every right and should go out in a similar fashion.

Tonight will be Dirk Nowitzki’s last home game, or maybe it won’t. The truth is we still don’t know.  Even with all signs pointing to this being his last year, Dirk has yet to say one way or another. Yes, there are other storylines to talk about around the league but tonight is about Dirk and honestly, nothing else really matters. The players know this, Mavs nation knows this, the entire league knows. Whether #41 says goodbye or not, the city of Dallas is ready to say “Thank You”.





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