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Where does Cole Beasley stand with the Cowboys ahead of the free agency?

The 2019 NFL free agency is set to kickoff in less than a week and Cole Beasley is already making noise.

Beasley is no stranger to vocalizing his thoughts via Twitter and such was the case when he may or may not have confirmed his desired salary range of $20 million. Beasley clarified he is not seeking the $20 million per year but rather guaranteed over the life of his future contract.

What will the Dallas Cowboys do with this information? What should they do?

Looking at the situation from a production perspective, Beasley had his second highest performing season in 2018 finishing with 65 catches for 672 yards. Had it not been for the mid season arrival of Amari Cooper Beasley very well could have broken his  personal record of 75 catches for 833 yards (2016.) Considering he is one of Dak Precott’s most trusted targets, Beasley is as reliable and durable as they come on the Cowboys offense.

The chemistry between Beasley and Prescott understandably took a hit after Cooper joined the party. Cooper was brought in already fully furnished and ready to compete at an elite level. On the other hand, rookie Michael Gallup is being groomed and developed and is expected to mature into a real threat for the Cowboys.

So where does this leave Beasley?

Agreeing to pay the 29-year-old receiver $20 million would be sensical to do so over a four-year contract, but the question that needs asking is whether or not the Cowboys plan to maximize and properly utilize Beasley four years down the road.

If Dallas plans to replace Beasley with a rookie slot receiver, drafting early would be the best chance at a higher level of talent assuming Dallas prioritizes the receiver position. Otherwise, I’m not sure Beasley’s skills could be replaced as easily as people think. With Kellen Moore now coordinating the Cowboy’s offense, Dallas has an entire offseason to figure out how to effectively incorporate each receiver on the field.

The free agency officially begins March 13th at 4 p.m. New York time. The market for slot receivers is hot right now and Cole Beasley has the chance to secure the bag even if that means Dallas may no longer be the most suitable option for the hometown boy.

“Everybody telling me what I’m worth,” Beasley tweeted. “Let’s just wait and see.”

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