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With Garrett set to potentially reclaim play-calling duties, pressure to succeed will be stronger than ever


With the recent firing of Scott Linehan, the Dallas Cowboys have begun their search for a new Offensive Coordinator. Candidates have ranged from Tight End Coach Doug Nussmeir, to the 30 year-old QB Coach, Kellen Moore. Although Moore’s tenure in the coaching world is in its mere infancy, the franchise views him highly. What’s more, his solid relationship with Dak Prescott has elevated him from the ranks of a fringe candidate to the perceived favorite. Although Moore is a Linehan protege, following him from Detroit to Dallas and becoming part of his offensive staff, he’s a bright young mind and one Dallas believes could help shake things up down the road. In the meantime, however, it has been reported by Chris Mortensen that Jason Garrett is set to resume playcalling duties, something he hasn’t done since 2013.

While Moore would hardly be the kind of splash hiring Cowboy fans have coveted, his potential promotion would, at the very least, raise the stakes for Garrett to unprecedented levels. Garrett was originally relieved of playcalling duties after the 2013 season following Dallas’s third consecutive 8-8 finish. From there, Offensive Coordinator in title only, Bill Callahan relinquished the title, maintaining his rank as the Offensive Line coach, and Scott Linehan was brought in from Detroit. Although Linehan was promised the keys to the offense, it’s believed Jason Garrett effectively handcuffed his OC throughout his tenure as the Linehan playcalling of Detroit was a far cry from what was seen in Dallas from 2014-2018.

As of this writing, Jason Garrett has yet to receive a new contract from the Cowboys front office, though Jerry Jones heavily implied a new deal was coming following Dallas’ 30-22 Divisional Round loss to the Super Bowl-bound LA Rams. But with one year remaining on Garrett’s existing deal, Dallas doesn’t need to extend him this offseason. Instead, with him resuming playcalling duties, the true value he provides can be better assessed in the coming season, allowing Dallas to determine whether, after 11 years of marriage in the form of coordinating and coaching, a divorce is finally in order.

Thankfully for Garrett, he appears to have more agency now than ever to assemble his staff. If Moore is elevated to Offensive Coordinator and former Cowboy Jon Kitna is hired to become the new Quarterback Coach as expected, it’ll not only be a solid upgrade to the coaching staff but unarguably a Garrett-centric move. The national perception of the Cowboys has long-since been that Jerry Jones simply cannot stop himself from meddling in some way. Jason Garrett was famously hired as Dallas’ Offensive Coordinator before Wade Phillips had even interviewed for the vacant head coaching position in 2007. The fact that Garrett is now being given the necessary leeway to build his staff as he sees fit is an indicator that the front office has either learned to take a step back, thereby letting Garrett sink or swim on his own, or that their faith in him is so strong they truly trust his judgment in making seemingly ho-hum hires, something Jones has never been a fan of. Regardless, barring an extension, the pressure on Garrett will be greater than ever.

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