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Working from Home Like a Pro

Working from Home Like a Pro

Here at Dallas Sports Fanatic and our affiliate properties, we do all our DSF work from home and we have some tips and tricks on how to get that done.

  • Create a comfortable space to work. Be sure your desk isn’t cluttered, the room where you are working is tidied up, and you have all the items you need to be successful in your job close by you.
  • Put on real clothes. This doesn’t mean you have to dress up in a suit and tie, but it does mean you shouldn’t be in your pajamas. Looking the part during work from home helps to set your brain and psyche in the right place to work efficiently and precisely.
  • Check in often and communicate. Communication is always key in maintaining a stellar job performance, but it is even more critical during work from home. If you are a manager then we sure you are communicating clearly with your team and setting the expectations. When you are doing projects as an employee, be sure to check in your boss and team periodically through the day to update them on work done.
  • Take normal breaks. We have a tendency to believe that since we are working from home we have to be glued to our work “just in case” a big project or email comes to us. While you need to be communicative, you can still take your lunch breaks and do a little laundry throughout your breaks. Don’t feel guilty for being able to take your dog on a five minute walk or watching Netflix on your lunch break.
  • Be sure to have some healthy snacks. Keeping your water and food intake up is great. However, sometimes at home we grab junk food and our waistline suffers. Be sure to have some healthy and easily accessible snacks in your workspace.

Professional athletes and staff are on a work from home break as well and they have been showing us what they do with their new found freedom.

Mark Cuban is learning how to do laundry again.

The Dallas Stars Foundation is offering free learning tools for students.

FC Dallas is keeping their players engaged and focused through this pause.

Rangers Shin-Soo Choo is donating money to the players in the minor league affiliate.

Dallas Mavericks players providing food left and right to healthcare workers and first responders.

Dallas Wings have that work from home life down already.

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