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Blog Boys Vol. 4: Cavs vs Warriors Part IV & Mavs Draft Options

Another addition of the #BlogBoys! With Cavs-Warriors Part IV, we discuss if LeBron and the Cavaliers can shock the world and defeat the Warriors. Also, with the NBA Draft right around the corner, we dive into who we’d like to see the Mavericks select with the 5th pick.

1. The Finals are set and it’s Part IV of Cavs-Warriors. As incredible as LeBron’s playoff run has been, do the Cavs have an ounce of hope to dethrone the Warriors?

DuPont: Though this has been another memorable playoff run for LeBron James, the good fortune or overwhelming dominance displayed throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs comes to an end when you’re facing four healthy All-Stars. There is no certainty that Golden State will battle any true adversity in these Finals facing a supporting cast in Cleveland that demonstrates a lack of consistency from game-to-game in spite of heroic efforts from James. 

Konkle: Not even a chance. I know the Rockets just made the Warriors look human, but this Cavaliers simply don’t have the same personnel that Houston does, especially defensively. I don’t even know if the Rockets could replicate that effort again, even with a healthy Chris Paul. This Warriors team is just too dynamic, and while it might be even more unfair, I think they’re going to be even better prepared for teams that try to guard them like Houston did. I’ll take the Dubs in 4.

Mulford: Sad to say, but I think LeBron will fall short once again. His play throughout this playoff stretch has been at a level I’ve never seen before. Though, his individual performance will continue to put up record numbers in the Finals, his supporting cast just aren’t good enough to match up with the Warriors. And yes, Golden State hasn’t looked as dominate as we’ve seen in the past, but don’t believe for a second that they won’t show up for the Finals, especially with LeBron standing on the other side. Maybe, just maybe, if LeBron had a sidekick who could create his own shots at an elite level, I don’t know, maybe someone like Kyrie Irving? Give me Warriors in 5. 

2. The draft is less than a month away and the Mavs hold the 5th pick. Who’s your ideal pick for the Mavs at 5? And who do you think they’ll ultimately end up drafting?

DuPont: Ideally, DeAndre Ayton falling to Dallas at 5 could one day manifest into a tale of great fortune. Unfortunately, four teams would have to pass on Ayton in order for the Mavs to get him at 5. Of course, trades are always a possibility, but right now we’re operating as if the Mavs are set on picking at five. Michael Porter Jr. would be my ideal pick, assuming that the training staff has thoroughly vetted Porter Jr. and the status of his back. At 6-foot-10, Porter Jr. presents Dallas with a lengthy, sweet-stroking, perimeter threat who can defend multiple positions. I ultimately think the Mavs will look to address their interior in the first round, which makes names like Jaren Jackson Jr., Mohammed Bamba and Porter Jr. worth following through draft day. 

Konkle: Ideal? Is Bagley or Doncic at 5 realistic? If so, one of those two. But I fully expect them to not be there, so that leaves you with the trio of Bamba/Jackson Jr./Porter Jr. That decision becomes pretty easy for me if your doctors give you the okay on Porter’s back. 6’11 ball handling, scoring forwards are pretty tough to get your hands on, and if the back is good then count me in.

However, this is not an ideal world. Nobody really knows what’s going on with his back, so I think the more likely scenario is choosing between the two big men. Whichever of the two is left is who I expect to be the pick, and if I had to choose one, I would lean towards Jaren Jackson Jr. because of his versatility defensively and already established shooting stroke. Plus, he’s almost two years younger than Bamba and has shown flashes that hint at more offensive upside than he gets credit for.

Mulford: Man, this is a tough call. But luckily for the Mavs, having this problem is a good one. Ideally for Dallas, a big man would be the best bet. As for Ayton and Bagley, you’d almost guarantee that they will be selected in the top 4. That leaves Jaren Jackson Jr., Mo Bamba, and Michael Porter Jr. If Porter Jr.’s back checks out with the Mavericks training staff, the potential that this kid has would be tough to pass up on. But like Reese said, I believe the Mavericks will be choosing between whoever is left between Jackson Jr. and Bamba. But unlike Reese, I’m in the Bamba Camp. His wingspan and standing reach is suffocating on the defensive end. Yes, he is still raw offensively, but he has shown improvements on his jump shot and with due time, I think Bamba can be a special player.

Yet, I will say, if Luka Doncic does fall to the Mavericks, I wonder if Mark, Donnie, and Rick will take the plunge on his potential. Not sure how Dennis and Luke would fit together but I’m sure Rick and help from God Shammgod could make it work just fine. 

We are the #BlogBoys. Why the #BlogBoys? Well, you can thank Kevin Durant for that. Durant recently did his fair share of ranting about the supposed “blog boys” and how analysts/writers didn’t watch basketball nor know what they were talking about. Now, that may reign true other places but not here at Dallas Sports Fanatic. We’re pleased to bring you content and insight about your favorite local teams that we are proud of, whether Durant is a fan of us or not.

The #BlogBoys will be a round table discussion between a few of our Mavericks staff: Mike DuPontReese KonkleMichael Mulford, and Trevor Rathbun. We will touch on Mavericks specific topics while also speaking on what’s going on league-wide around the NBA. A new edition will be posted every Friday so sit back, grab yourself a cupcake, and welcome to the #BlogBoys!


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