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Cowboys Mailbag: Underselling Jason Garrett as an offensive coordinator?

We’ve heard the jokes around Jason Garett and the New York Giants’ decision to make him the OC. But is he being underrated as a coordinator?

Griffin: If the reports of Jason Garett installing the same offense he used in Dallas is true, the Giants are going to be in trouble. There is a reason Kellen Moore was hired and took over as play-caller after the 2018 season. Once Moore got going, the Cowboys had the best offense in the NFL. New York has talent on the offensive side of the ball but Garett has proven he can take talented rosters and put them to waste with mediocre seasons. So no, he is not being underrated. The Giants’ offense may improve, but if it becomes anything more than Dallas’ over the years, it will be a huge surprise.

Juwan: I do believe in some vain people are underrating Garrett’s ability to run an offense. The Cowboys had their vanilla and predictable moments, but the offense still produced three rushing champions and nearly a near 5,000-yard quarterback. Remember, the reason he became head coach was because of his offensive playcalling ability. The Giants offensive talent is not comparable to the Cowboys so I don’t expect them to become an offensive threat, but I wouldn’t undersell the impact Garrett could have.

Do you see it being possible for Dallas to have three 1,000-yard receivers?

Griffin: Possibly in the future, yes, but not this upcoming season. Last season, Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup already achieved their 1,000-yard seasons, leaving rookie CeeDee Lamb to be the third. Dallas losing just over 1,500 receiving yards with Randall Cobb, Jason Witten, and Tavon Austin leaving this offseason, but it would be difficult to see CeeDee Lamb making most of it up. Tight end Blake Jarwin is expected to have an increased role, as will running back Tony Pollard. Eventually, Lamb should be able to get those type of numbers in the Cowboys’ high flying offense. However, it will be tough in debut NFL season.

Juwan: I do think they have the talent to do so. However, you paid Ezekiel Elliott to be one of the best rushers in the league. I would find it difficult that Dallas makes a hard transition to a pass-first offense that would allow three of their receivers to eclipse 1,000 yards. If Elliott wasn’t in the backfield then I believe a better case could be made for that happening.

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