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The Dallas Cowboys Run Game: Who Should Start?

The Dallas Cowboys are starting their six game stretch without their leading rusher Ezekiel Elliott, who is coming off a 297 yard performance over the last two wins. It seemed that Zeke was hitting his stride before the suspension was once again reinstated. Jane Slater of NFL Network says that it will be Alfred Morris getting the first crack at the starting role.

Slater goes on to say that Rod Smith is the second back behind Morris and then Darren McFadden. McFadden has been kept on the inactives for the season so far. With a spot open due to the suspension, McFadden will be active. The Cowboys are looking to run the running back by committee approach until Zeke returns.

Alfred Morris has done well to spell Zeke so far this season and he will look to claim that he is still the back he was for the first three seasons in Washington. He currently owns the season long run of 70 yards which is Morris’ career long as well.

Rod Smith is a bit of a fan favorite it seems with the constant clamoring for him to take over for his former college teammate. Smith has shows the tenacity and catching ability to make a difference on the field. He is the three-down back that really can help the offense. While Morris is more of a two-down back.

The wildcard in all of this is Darren McFadden who is currently third on the depth chart. McFadden became a 1,000-yard rusher in 2015 when things went south with Joseph Randle. McFadden is the only one of the backs who has that kind of impact in this offense. The gut feeling is that DMC will get most of the carries over the next six games but right now all three will have their opportunity to shine.

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