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Dallas Cowboys VP Stephen Jones Takes Aim At NFL

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys VP Stephen Jones Takes Aim At NFL

Dallas Cowboys VP, Stephen Jones encourages Roger Goodell and the NFL to become more “efficient” in their investigations.

The ongoing drama surrounding Ezekiel Elliott received another jolt yesterday when the Vice President of the Dallas Cowboys, Stephen Jones, fired back at the NFL front office, mentioning that they should not only figure out what the decision is in regards to their star running back, but they should also work on their efficiency during these investigations. 

“These things are tough for everybody. It’s tough for the league. It’s tough for the team. It’s tough for the player. At some point, you should be able to get the information in some sort of time frame that … doesn’t carry on like this particular investigation has.”

Chris Carter went on FS1’s Undisputed, and mentioned that he would be “shocked” if Ezekiel Elliott didn’t receive some sort of suspension. Jerry Jones has mentioned multiple times that there is nothing there in terms of domestic violence. With that being said, he has hinted that there could be some sort of punishment handed down as a result of multiple incidents surrounding Elliott. 

As of Monday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said there still has been no ruling on what they are going to do or not do with Elliott. There have been “reports” of a possible one or two game suspension. It’s important to note that the ruling for domestic violence usually sits at a six-game suspension. 

“I would hope as a league, just like we do everything else, we look for ways to get more efficient and to do things in a better way,” said Jones. “I’m not being critical. We’re obviously in new territory when we started our own investigative team at the NFL level.”

A ruling could be any minute, but the reality is that this should have been completed a while back. Pre-season has already arrived, and while a punishment to Elliott could be warranted, it’s not fair to leave an entire organization in limbo as it prepares to start their 2018 campaign on September 10th. 

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