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Dallas Cowboys

Dallas in the driver seat for NFC East crown?

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire

Dallas in the driver seat for NFC East crown?

The Dallas Cowboys had never trailed for all but three minutes of Sunday’s loss against the Pittsburg Steelers.

It took 57 minutes and 41 seconds of game time for the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers to mount a lead over Garrett Gilbert’s Dallas Cowboys.

Signs of life in a struggling team that has slipped to the bottom of the woeful NFC East? Maybe not?

But, unfortunately, the pain of being teased with a possible top-five NFL draft pick or a chance at a home game in the 2020 NFL playoffs must continue.

Why? Because even as Cowboy fans endure the worst season since 2015, the other three teams in the NFC East have decided to be just as enept as America’s team.

The Eagles spearhead the division at 3-4-1. Washington follows them at 2-6, while Dallas and Jason Garrett’s New York Giants both sit with 2-7 records.

So is it too late to save this season? Is this season even worth being salvaged? That question could be debated for weeks to come, but the remaining schedule says this division’s race to a first-round playoff exit has only just begun.

On paper it doesn’t look like the Eagles will manage more than three wins in their remaining eight games. With games against the Cleveland Browns (5-3), Seattle Seahawks (6-2), Green Bay Packers (6-2), New Orleans Saints (6-2) and Arizona Cardinals (5-3) left you would assume those are all losses – they also have three games against the division left.

So, at max, the Eagles are looking at a 6-9-1 record? Lock it in.

Washington has games against the Detriot Lions (3-5), Cinncinati Bengals (2-5-1), Steelers (8-0) Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers (4-5) and Carolina Panthers (3-6) – not including their two remaining games against the Eagles and Cowboys.

Maybe Washington sneaks out with a 4-12 record?

Dallas has the Minnesota Vikings (3-5), Baltimore Ravens (6-2), Bengals and 49ers left – not including their three remaining divisional games.

If Dallas takes care of business in the division that drops Philly to 5-10-1 and Washington to 3-13 (as I both gave them wins over Dallas).

Dallas gets a win over the Bengals and they finish 6-10 on the year and NFC East champions.

A scary possibility that this could be one of the team’s hosting a wildcard matchup.

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