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Despite the Loss, Cowboys are still among NFL’s Elite

That headline may seem foolish to some, but it still is the truth. Despite a 42-17 road defeat to the Denver Broncos, one where the Dallas Cowboys were out-schemed and out-gamed, the Cowboys are still a force to be reckoned with. Despite the dynamic duo of Dak Prescott an Ezekiel Elliott being limited to a career low performance, the team is still has one of the top offensive skill positions in all of football. After a humiliating loss to the Broncos, the team has plenty of room to improve, but isn’t in dire straits as many have assumed. Let’s examine why:

Dallas Cowboys Run Game:

The Cowboys were off their game in week 2. One of the main contributions to the week 2 demise was the lack of a running game by Dallas. Star running back Ezekiel Elliott was held to a pathetic 8 yards of offense on just 9 carries. Early on, the team strayed away from their most dominant aspect on offense. As a result, the team forced Prescott into many unfavorable passing situations. Furthermore, Prescott was forced to play from behind against one of the top pass rushes in all of football. While the team struggled in all aspects of the game, establishing the running game behind Ezekiel Elliott could’ve taken the load off Dak Prescott. Going forward, the team will need to lean on Elliott and the run game to secure a turnaround on offense.

Prescott Carrying the Load:

While Elliott and the run game struggled, the pressure was placed all on second-year quarterback Dak Prescott. Against the elite pass rush of Denver, Prescott looked like a quarterback who was not at his best. Prescott threw 4 interceptions all last season, but recorded 2 interceptions against the Broncos. Additionally, Prescott had several throws that could’ve been intercepted. All in all, it was a performance Cowboys fans were not accustomed to seeing. While Prescott struggled, the team still has some positives to build on going forward. Prescott showed toughness and never quit on the team. His constant fight probably hurt him on the 103-yard interception dagger by Aqib Talib, as he forced a low pass into tight coverage on Dez Bryant.


This game can serve as a learning experience for the team. They will be forced to adjust to another top defense in the NFL in week 3. As the Cowboys prepare to face another top defense in the Arizona Cardinals in week 3, be sure to stay tuned to Dallas Sports Fanatic as we keep you ahead of the news surrounding the Dallas Cowboys!

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