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DSF Cowboys Mailbag: Repeat of 2016 at quarterback position?

DSF Cowboys Mailbag: Repeat of 2016 at quarterback position?

Jerry Jones said before Sunday’s game that he would favor a 2016 scenario with their starting QB going down. Doesn’t mean they would replace Dak, but is there even a conversation for sticking with Cooper Rush if he was undefeated when Prescott returns to full health?

Juwan: Cooper Rush isn’t a young quarterback who has promising talent that is now being unlocked. The reason Dallas has confidence in him is that he is a veteran they know what he can and cannot do. It’s unfortunate the final time we saw Dak was in one of the worse performances of his career, but Prescott is the starter of this team whenever he comes back.

Nate: Goodness, no. Maybe if Rush absolutely sets the world on fire, but he’s not going to do that. Frankly I’d be absolutely stunned if he did. We can have that conversation if Rush all of a sudden became a top 10 quarterback like Dak Prescott, but thats just not in the cards. Plus, this locker room absolutely adores Prescott and his leadership in the locker room is indispensable.

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