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DSF Cowboys Mailbag: Where does Dak rank entering week 1 of the season?

DSF Cowboys Mailbag: Where does Dak rank entering week 1 of the season?

The Ringer recently released their latest quarterback rankings with Dak Prescott ranked seventh ahead of players such as Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow and Kyler Murray? Do you agree or disagree with his ranking?

Juwan: Quarterback rankings are always going to stir drama and especially so when ranking the quarterback of the most talked about franchise in sports. I do feel Dak falls in that 7-10 range, however, placing him above players like Lamar Jackson or Joe Burrow seems unfair to the former NFL MVP and another QB who just led his team to the Super Bowl. When you reach the back half of the top 10 I feel those quarterbacks can be interchangeable based on preference.

Nate: I agree. He’s firmly in that “very good” second tier of quarterbacks behind the elite Mahomes/Rodgers tier. I’d slot him between 6-10 depending on the week. The narratives surrounding him are so interesting because even though he is the Cowboys’ quarterback and is always in the spotlight, he is still criminally underrated, and the Steven Ruiz (the writer from the Ringer that did that article) echoed that sentiment. Dak is everything you want in a franchise QB, as he has all the requisite on-field traits as well as impressive leadership traits. He’s a fantastic processor, is elite pre-snap, is very accurate down the field, and that locker room would run through a brick wall for him.

How big of a role, if any, do you envision KaVontae Turpin having Sunday with the injuries at the wide receiver position?

Juwan: Turpin’s impact will for sure come on the special teams side of things, but carving out a role for him on offense seems premature right now. Any plays I feel he would be useful on could be given to Tony Pollard. His speed and playmaking ability is an asset for this team and I hope to see him involved in a couple of plays Sunday. But if we’re wanting to get speed and playmaking ability on the field against Tampa Bay I would side more towards Pollard receiving majority of those opportunities.

Nate: We’ll have to see. I definitely think there will be a role, but I’m curious how exactly they use him. I’m guessing it will be similar to how they used Tavon Austin a couple years ago as the occasional deep threat and a jet sweep motion threat. He is an elusive playmaker that probably needs a couple touches a game. Kellen Moore said yesterday they are excited about his abilities as a receiver. Turpin is definitely talented enough that it will be on Moore to make sure Turpin gets used properly. Turpin and Tony Pollard being dynamically used would raise the offenses ceiling. Both have special playmaking traits and need the ball in their hands.

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