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DSF Roundup: Writers give final thoughts on Cowboys, Eagles Monday night clash

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire

DSF Roundup: Writers give final thoughts on Cowboys, Eagles Monday night clash

JuwanIt’s funny because every year it feels like the more confidence you have in a team the more likely it is for you to be totally wrong about them. So far I’ve been right about my predictions on if Dallas will win or lose through two games and I will say this week is the most confident I’ve felt in this team. The offense has showcased elite-level potential and the defense is doing enough to allow the offense to be balanced. Overall, the Cowboys are a better team than the Philadelphia Eagles. Yes, this defense will be without a chunk of its contributors Monday night. However, this will be the least talented offense Dallas has come across thus far. From the quarterback position to its skill positions, the Eagles do not present the same firepower the Bucs or Chargers were able to roll out. Because of that give me Dallas 28, Eagles 17.

Dylan: Perhaps foolishly, I’m feeling very confident in a Cowboys win tonight in their home opener. There is a major opportunity in front of this team over the next few weeks, and I’d like to think they absolutely recognize that and will do what it takes to take advantage of it. Philadelphia’s week two performance at home makes them still a major mystery heading into tonight, so I’ll take the Cowboys to win 27-17.

Nate: The NFC East has played out very oddly, as Washington appears to be much worse than anticipated, and the Giants are…well…the Giants. The Eagles appear to be Dallas’ main competition for the NFC East crown, and with both teams sitting at 1-1, this is a very important early-season game. Dallas has looked much better and much more consistent thus far, but Cowboys-Eagles games are almost always competitive. With the defensive front so depleted it will be interesting to keep an eye on how Micah Parsons is deployed (maybe as a spy for Jalen Hurts?). As poor as the Eagles’ offense has looked, this may be a game where Dak Prescott needs to be a hero and put up some big numbers given how depleted Dallas is defensively. I think Prescott gets the job done in a close one. Dallas 27 Philly 24

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