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DSF Roundup: Writers give final thoughts on Cowboys season opener

Juwan: The day has finally arrived for us to get a glimpse of what we can expect from this year’s Dallas Cowboys. I know we look at the talent on paper for the Cowboys and may even overestimate what we can expect, but I think this team still has a lot to prove far as showing they can compete for a title. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers brought back all 22 starters from their Super Bowl team and they’ll show tonight why many has them as favorites to repeat. I do expect Dak to struggle early since this is his first live action game in nearly a year, but show glimpses of the quarterback we saw in 2020. Give me a high-scoring affair in favor of Tampa, 38-34.

Corey: Opening up on the road against the super bowl champions presents quite the opportunity for the Cowboys. A win could set this team up for an incredible start to the season. Unfortunately, I don’t think a win is coming. The Zack Martin news and questions still need to be answered on defense. Give me the Buccaneers 34-27.

Dylan: It’s going to be hard not to overreact to far in either direction of the results of tonight’s opener. A win by the Cowboys would certainly get them all of the headlines/social media hype, but we should know well enough by now that it guarantees nothing for them past tonight. A loss, and a quite realistic big loss, could spark the “same ol Cowboys” narrative when it really shouldn’t. With the Zack Martin news this week plus Dak Prescott playing in his first game in close to a year should make an L easy to swallow and move on to next week. I’ll say Buccaneers win 35-24.

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