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Is Ezekiel Elliott’s Star Now Tarnished?

 “We are what we repeatedly do.” Aristole

Cowboys Nation awoke Monday morning to the news of an alleged “altercation” at a Dallas nightclub involving the name of the last person they wanted to hear.

Ezekiel Elliott.

As first reported by 105.3 The Fan (and confirmed by ESPN’s Adam Schefter), Elliott was involved in a late-night incident at a bar. Dallas Police say no arrests have been reported in connection with the incident. Elliott was already under NFL investigation stemming from a 2016 domestic violence accusation against him. Add to this list visiting a marijuana dispensary while at a road game, being involved in a couple of minor “fender-benders,”  and then there was the incident where he pulled a woman’s shirt down during a very public St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

This latest news surrounding Zeke, in reality, isn’t earth-shattering, based on what we are hearing. It may be something. It may be nothing. The world certainly won’t end tonight because of it. The sun will rise tomorrow. However, this latest incident could not have come at a worse time.

With everything else swirling around Elliott AND training camp beginning next week, guess what questions await Jerry Jones and company in Oxnard next week?  What this news does is give one cause to pause and ask: Is Zeke’s Star now tarnished?

The collective sports world today is discussing this latest Elliott situation and using the same phrase : “He just doesn’t get it.” What is there “to get” you ask?

That you play for the Dallas Cowboys. The Star. The #1 franchise in the NFL and arguably all of the sports world.

That you are an extremely talented, high profile NFL player, not just Cowboys player. You, as they say, “balled out” last year. You had a big, breakout year. You led the league in rushing. You’ve got a lot of fame and fortune, and deservedly so.

What there is to “get” is that better choices and decisions must be made to ensure you have a long, successful eventual Hall-of-Fame career in the NFL.

You must “get” that you are too important to the team and the league for these incidents to continue to pile up. You are best when you are in full track-star mode on the field, rushing past anyone foolish enough to try to catch you.

But at some point, 2+2 will NOT equal 4 and some playing time – and possibly your image – will eventually be sacrificed. Unfortunately, it will probably be sooner rather than later. If and when a suspension does comes down from the league, it will likely be because of the totality of Elliot’s incidents.

And moving forward – conscious or not, fair or not – eyebrows will be raised and side-eyes tossed about whenever Elliott’s name is mentioned.

That’s life in the fast lane – or in this case – The “Star” lane.

Credentialed media member and writer covering the Dallas Stars. | Dorothy J Gentry is an educator and journalist covering the NBA, Mavericks, WNBA, Wings and Dallas area sports & entertainment for Texas Metro News,, Garland Journal, Dallas Sports Fanatic & others. She is a member of the NABJ Sports Task Force.

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