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Jones Expects Ezekiel Elliott To Play Vs. Denver; Magic Johnson Says He “Has to Change”

After a much-anticipated return to the field on Sunday night where he rushed for 104 yards and gained 36 receiving yards in the win against the Giants, Cowboy fans can look forward to the possibility of seeing more of Ezekiel Elliott in the near future.

Jerry Jones said Monday he expects Elliott to play against the Denver Broncos this Sunday. Talking to 105.3 The Fan during his weekly radio segment, Jones did not give Cowboys Nation any hope beyond Game 2 of the season however, regarding the NFL’s appeal of Elliott’s preliminary injunction against his six-game suspension.  The NFL filed notice to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and the judge has ordered expedited briefings in the case and Elliott could still be suspended or play the entire season.

The injunction and temporary restraining order was granted last Friday by a Texas federal judge. It allowed Elliott to play in Sunday’s game and possibly subsequent games while the case moves through the court system.

The legal woes for the Cowboy fan favorite began last year when he was accused in July 2016 of domestic assault. He was suspended 6 games by the NFL August 11th and the NFL Players Association appealed the suspension on August 15th.

In the meantime, NBA legend Magic Johnson weighed in on Elliott on Monday as well telling him, “you gotta’ change.”

“Zeke you waited your whole life, man, from Pop Warner, to junior high, to high school football and on to college to get to the NFL. The platform that you are on is the biggest in the NFL, that being the Dallas Cowboys,” Johnson said during an appearance Monday on ESPN’s First Take.

“You’ve gotten away five times with things,” Johnson said referencing Elliott’s incidents. “Brother you gotta get your life together man. You’re going to ruin it not only for yourself but for your family as well. And I am disappointed in him that he hasn’t realized that he has to change. You gotta change.”

Johnson alluded to Elliott’s alleged party animal ways by adding; “And, you can have fun but there’s a line you come up to and you can’t cross that line. So I’m really going to watch and see, after whatever happens, if he plays a whole season, if he gets suspended, or whatever, I’m going to watch and see if this young man changes

“It’s really disappointing for him to be that good, and then you can’t disrespect women, you just can’t do that,” Johnson said.

He ended his comments on Elliott by saying, “ I’m cheering for him. I like how he plays the game of football. But he has got to change his mind set on ‘Hey,  I’m this big star and I can do whatever I want,’ because it’s not like that.”




Credentialed media member and writer covering the Dallas Stars. | Dorothy J Gentry is an educator and journalist covering the NBA, Mavericks, WNBA, Wings and Dallas area sports & entertainment for Texas Metro News,, Garland Journal, Dallas Sports Fanatic & others. She is a member of the NABJ Sports Task Force.

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