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Mavs get it right with Dirk Nowitzki court tribute

Photo: Michael Lark/Dallas Sports Fanatic

Mavs get it right with Dirk Nowitzki court tribute

The Twitter world has had a lot of fun at the expense of whatever departments control the Mavericks logo, uniforms and designs in recent years.

Several Twitter users like @SkylerInDallas and @TylerUpchurch24 have knocked it out of the park with their own proposals for new logos or uniforms and their work has spread around social media like wildfire. Mavs owner Mark Cuban doesn’t think the massive Twitter love represents the entire fanbase’s feelings and continues to support the current look that is coming up on its 20th anniversary.

While the Mavericks home and away uniforms will remain the same for the upcoming season, they have made some changes to their home court and man, they got it right.

A few weeks back, the new look for the court this season leaked on Twitter and it included additions of “Dallas” on each baseline instead of just “Mavericks” like it had been before, revisions to the American Airlines logos on the floor, the interesting different coloring of the hardwood inside the three point line, and the best addition: the Dallas skyline just below the midcourt logo.

While this is hardly an original concept, several other teams have done variations of this in recent seasons, it is definitely a great addition as the Dallas skyline is very worthy of this recognition if you include the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge as they have.

We found out Friday morning that the Mavericks weren’t done there. @SkylerinDallas revealed that the old secondary logo on alternate ends of the court would be replaced with the silhouette of Dirk Nowitzki’s legendary one-legged fadeaway jumpshot.

With it being the franchise’s first year without their iconic player in over two decades, it is truly awesome for fans that there will be an on-court reminder of his greatness each and every home game.

I don’t recall there being anything like this done by another franchise and it’s surely going to be the first of many copycats around basketball, and potentially all over sports, in the coming years. It might be difficult to do this for other iconic figures though because they don’t have as signature of a move as Nowitzki’s jumper.

The court look is still incomplete without the yet-to-be-announced jersey sponsor still needing to take up the real estate on the each sideline, but the Mavericks have instantly shot themselves up the rankings for best court in the NBA. While they don’t have the iconic look of the Celtics with their hardwood pattern or the goofiness of the Hornets doing a honeycomb pattern, the skyline plus Dirk is definitely an awesome addition that will spice up the team’s appearance this season.

I also don’t mind this potential revised look that showed up on Twitter either…

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