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NBA Finals: Storm Brews for MavsNation

Like a dark cloud on the horizon, it’s upon us, a Spurs/Heat finals.  Not only did Mavs fans have to suffer through a depressing regular season, but now we’re forced to watch an NBA Finals matchup between the two most hated teams amongst the Mavs fan base.  But we can’t just sit idly by and watch the Finals without a rooting interest can we?  Personally, I cannot.  So who should we root for?  Why?  Are we blasphemers for choosing a particular team?  Is there a right choice?

Let me break it down for you.

I’ll be pulling for the Heat in this year’s Finals.  It hurts to type that, I promise. But as a Mavs fan, it’s a must. Here’s why……..

1) By the Heat winning the title, it will make the Mavs the only team to beat the ‘Big 3’ Miami circus in the 2011 Finals.  It will make that title run even more special than it already is.  Yes, I understand that it will be a beating to have to hear about LeBron James and the “Heatles” every five minutes in this ESPN generation. We will be the only team to take down the Heat before the new CBA dismantles them. Imagine the team that would’ve taken down the 90’s Bulls (hypothetically). Not even the Bulls were built with a checkbook like the Heat were/are. I’m selfish…I want Dallas to be the only team to take down the mighty, modern day NBA, cHeat.

2) Do we really want Spurs fans celebrating a fifth title? Not only will they be celebrating their championship over the Heat, but they’ll also gain more ammunition in any future Mavs/Spurs trash talk. Deservingly so, there will be absolutely ZERO rebuttal we can make for that. We’ll lose every bit of bragging rights we gained from 2011. Is that what you want, Mavs fans?

3) Texas Schmexas. I could care less that the Spurs are a “Texas team.”  It doesn’t make it OK to root for the Spurs because of their geography. If this logic is acceptable, then I can’t wait to see the entire Longhorn fans root for the Aggies this year.

4) Look at it this way. We’re NOT rooting for the Heat; we’re only rooting against the Spurs. Just keep telling yourself that. It will help you sleep at night. A Heat title will not put LeBron in the “Jordan” category if that’s what you’re concerned about. No matter how well they play, LeBron will always have the advantage of other superstars on his team. LeBron lost all of that “Jordan” credibility when he sold out and went to Miami.

It’s important that you all recognize something here. I dislike the Heat as much as you do. I hate that the Pacers laid an egg in Game 7 and put us in this position, I really do. I realize the evil of LeBron James and Dwayne Wade and all they represent to today’s NBA. But this is about basketball, not personalities. The way I see it, win or lose, LeBron will always be talked about and blown up in the media. He’ll always be relevant. If Miami wins then he’ll be the best “ever”, if they lose the talking point will be what LeBron didn’t do.  It’s a lose-lose.

So for the sake of basketball related points, and in the BEST interest of the Mavs; I’ve made my rooting interest decision.  I dislike both teams with a passion.  But my disdain for the Heat is .00000001% less than my disdain for the Spurs.  So by default, go NOT THE SPURS!


Fan of the Mavericks, Rangers, and Cowboys since birth. And by “Fan”, I mean that I can’t sleep or function the next day if my team loses. That kind of “fan”. I sports-cried during the Mavericks 2011 championship and the Rangers 2010 ALCS win. But I sports cried harder when the Rangers lost the 2012 World Series. That kind of “Fan”. Attended Texas State University, Eat ‘Em Up Cats! Father of 2 daughters and a husband to wife, Traci, Baylor Grad! Sic ‘Em! Follow me on twitter, @TCinDallas

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