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Predicting Dallas Cowboys wins and losses: Part one

The Dallas Cowboys look to start hot as they have a grueling season ahead of them. In one of the toughest division in football, they’ll need to play superior football to have a chance at the playoffs. Let’s look at the first four games and what the Cowboys need to do to win them.

September 9 at Carolina Panthers 

It’s always hard to gage the first game of the season for any team. With training camps becoming shorter and offseason communication becoming harder, the first games are always supremely difficult as teams are still our of football shape. For some perspective, the Cleveland Browns almost beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first game last year after having the worst season of all time. Cowboys need to run Zeke around 35 times to get this W. Running is always the easier option to get your offense going. They’ll need to as the receiving corp will probably need time to gel. Also, they are going to be without Irving for the first four games. Prescott needs to give a game manager performance here. Carolina is also hoping for Cam Newton to thave a better year than last year as well. Christian McCaffrey wasn’t too impressive so they’ll look to get him going as well. Carolina has a stout defense with proves for a low scoring game. Cowboys have the better O-line which gives them the edge in this one. Cowboys 20 Panthers 17 

September 16 vs NY Giants

Division rival New York Giants come to town in Dallas’ home opener bringing their new prized possession Saquan Barkley. The Cowboys will be juiced up for the  Sunday Night Football home opener. This game is going to be an old-fashioned battle. The Giants are coming off of a horrendous season with hopes of maxing out one of Eli Mannings final seasons in the NFL. O’dell Beckham Jr. will also need to have a big game and he’ll need to score one or twice. Hopefully his contract negotiations won’t be another distraction to the woeful offseason he’s had. They are going to run the ball A LOT. The Cowboys and Giants are going to have a clock battle in this game. Whoever controls the clock and can score TD’s (not field goals) will this one. Cowboys shut down Barkley and Beckham, control the clock and have fun in their home opener starting the season 2-0. Cowboys 24 Giants 13

September 23 at Seattle Seahawks

Seattle is arguably the hardest place to win. The Seahawks are coming off of a  so-so season and they’ll be ready to show their pride against another top tier NFC contender. Coming off of a Sunday night game and running Elliot a lot in the first two games, the Cowboys will struggle to run the ball forcing Dak to make some throws to win this game. Russell Wilson will also need to play a great game. Dak and Russell go back to back for a game won by the more experienced, home QB, edging out the Cowboys. Seahawks 21 Cowboys 20

September 30 Detroit Lions

The Detroit lions come to Dallas hungry for a win. This is a game that will be tricky for the Cowboys. New head coach Matt Patricia will be fairly uncharted territory and it’s yet to be seen how his offense and defense will look with Matthew Stafford running the helm. The Dallas secondary is going got have to be shut down, lights out and straight up hard-nosed for the Cowboys to will this battle. By this time, the Cowboys receiving corp will be better and more in sync. Historically, Patricia’s defense always starts off slow and figures things out as the season goes along. The Cowboys catch the Lions still figuring out their new head coach, new defensive schemes and shut down Stafford. Cowboys 27 Lions 17

Cowboys will start the 2018 season 3-1. 

What are your thoughts, opinions, predictions, hot takes? Comment below!

Staff writer covering the Dallas Cowboys. Reside just North of Atlanta representing America’s Team. Husband, Daddy, Grad Student, Pastor, Teacher.

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