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Prediction: Dez Bryant Returns to Dominance in 2017

It’s 2014, Dez Bryant has 16 touchdowns and 1,320 receiving yards on only 88 receptions. Some in sports media are calling him the best receiver in football.

Its 2015, Dez Bryant has 401 receiving yards, and only 3 touchdowns. Dez is battling against a foot injury and a QB carousal of mediocre quarterbacks following the injury to quarterback Tony Romo.

its 2016, Dez Bryant is battling a lower leg injury and adjusting to a rookie quarterback. He finishes the season with 796 yards and 8 touchdowns.

It’s 2017

  Many are saying Dez Bryant is no longer a top-tier receiver. Different sports media platforms release their lists of top receivers for the upcoming season. Bryant’s name is near the bottom of the list.

The Stage Is Set For Dez To Ball Once More

Watching Dez’s highlights from Saturday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts, I saw something I hadn’t seen from Bryant in a long time. Precision and explosiveness. His route running was sharp, and after a full off-season that didn’t require rehab or physical therapy, he had an explosiveness I hadn’t seen in a couple seasons.

His resurgence couldn’t have come at a better time. This season Dallas will need its star receiver to perform like his old self. With Ezekiel Elliott out for the first six games of the season (appeal pending), Dez will be required to provide the dynamic plays for an otherwise methodical “ground and pound” offense.

Dez will be facing some of the legues best defensive backs from some of the leagues better defenses this season: including but not limited to Chris Harris Jr. and Aqib Talib (Denver), Patrick Peterson (Arizona), Marcus Peters and Eric Berry (Kansas City), Josh Norman (Washington), and Janoris Jenkins (New York).

I believe the only thing that has been holding Bryant back from league domination has been injury and inconsistency at the quarterback position. Now that he is healthy, and Dak Prescott has job security, I think everyone will see that Dez Bryant is still an upper-echelon receiver in a league now dominated by Odell Beckem Jr. and Antonio Brown.

 My Prediction

Some of the defenses that the Cowboys will play against this year are going to have their way against the Cowboys’ receivers, including Dez. That’s just how good teams like Denver, Kansas City, and Arizona are defensively. Also, playing against the Giants secondary twice a year, as well as against Josh Norman (who will certainly follow Dez around the field), will keep Dez’s stats down a little. Yet on renewed athleticism and improved route-running skills alone, Bryant will accrue 1100 yards and 13 touchdowns in the 2017 campaign.



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