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Questions That Need Answers in the Bye Week

Ah, yes. BYE week. Much needed time for Dallas Cowboys fans to rest their weary hearts and put any negative energy towards our rival NFC East teams (particularly the Eagles) in an effort to speed up their impending downfall. That’s how it works, right?

For our Boys, however, this should be the week that turns the course of this flip-floppy-toned season. Because let’s face it. They have quite a few questions that need answers. FAST.

Like, sure DeMarcus Lawrence is killing it and leading the league in sacks, but what about the rest of the defense showing up at pivotal game moments? Or what will it take to maintain the flow of the running game? Or, more importantly, how does a team put up 30+ points and 400 yards, and still lose?

Those are the obvious questions, of course. But, I thought I’d throw out some more food for thought:

What exactly happens during halftime?

No, seriously. Because I thought it was a time to assess and make necessary changes/adjustments to “finish the fight”, as the Cowboys put it. The Boys seem to lose steam in the second half… or blow a lead. What’s really going on?

When will we for sure know if Ezekiel Elliott has to serve a six-game suspension?

Asking for a friend.

Where is the “chip on my shoulder” Orlando Scandrick of seasons past?

Earlier this season, I wrote about how the defense thrives when the veteran corner is in his peak “me against the world” mindset. His edge is still there, of course, and he’s a physical player, but his play in coverage is a little off. Then, there was the injury. Many have argued that it’s time to bring in the new guys. I think he’s still got it in him. I just hope he can find it soon.

Will we see more of Cole Beasley?

Dak-Bease connection > Dak-Dez connection. Of course, this can totally improve over time. But looking at the way the Cowboys’ schedule is set up after the 49ers game, it wouldn’t hurt to change things up a bit.

 Will the real offensive line please stand up?

Okay, let me give credit where it’s due. The O-Line did stand up against the Packers. Dak Prescott was only sacked once and Ezekiel Elliott rushed for 100+ yards. They clicked nicely and looked something like the dominant line we’ve come to appreciate. I think a week of rest will do them good.



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