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Rangers end August with a tribute to “Ranger man” Michael Young

Photo: Alex Plinck/Dallas Sports Fanatic

Rangers end August with a tribute to “Ranger man” Michael Young

Every year, the Rangers fan base begs the team to honor and retire Michael Young’s number ten. On Saturday, August 31st, the ceremony, and jersey retirement happened. Globe Life Park roared as soon as Michael stepped onto the field from the Rangers bullpen in right field. Guests during the ceremony included former teammates David Murphy, Colby Lewis, Adrian Beltre, and a surprising appearance from former manager Ron Washington.

Chris Woodward and Michael Young are both from Covina, California. Chris Woodward talked before Saturday’s game about his past with Young. “We didn’t cross paths too much as kids, but at one point we did live near each other, really close. [We] went to junior high school together. That’s where I kind of got to know him a lot. I was like this kid is not as much of an [expletive] as I thought he was. He’s actually a good guy; I like this guy, he’s just really good at everything.”

Woodward expanded on the friendship they formed and the parallel between both him and Young. “We’ve became friends. Since then, we’ve kept in touch. I just like I can’t get away from him. We grew up together, get signed by Toronto, early in the organization together, he gets traded [to Texas], and somehow I make it back here. Now he comes into my office and talk shop every day.”

Before the week, we reminisced about some of the greatest moments Young delivered. From becoming the Rangers all-time hits leader in Miami to carrying home-field advantage for the American League twice in three years, and celebrating the club’s first American League Championship, Michael Young is the name most remember when thinking “Texas Rangers.” Ron Washington spoke after the ceremony about what Michael’s contribution to the Rangers organization. “It was Michael Young time every single day, he made people better, and when you have players that make people better you know, they’re special. Michael didn’t know me, but he trusted me, he believed in me, and we as a group did some special things, and I will always appreciate that.”

Sure the ceremony highlighted those moments we mentioned, but the overall theme of the celebration was celebrating Young as a teammate and an excellent all-around individual on and off the field. The fact that Michael spent more than a decade in a Rangers uniform (especially in the 2000s) makes his legacy the most impressive. “I think it’s a rare thing.” Young said, “I don’t believe there are many guys out there that maybe had a run with one team like I had from being a player here for 12-13 years and then going up and working for the GM and having a role that I think is valuable where I get a chance to learn from some really bright people and light-minded folks.”

It’s almost impossible to summarize the career of Michael Young into a forty-minute ceremony. However, the trip down memory lane brings a Michael Young-Esque smile to everyone’s face. Every single Rangers fan can say that Young left a legacy to the organization, and continues to shine to this day.

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