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Rangers players/coaches showing their fun side during this dark time

Rangers players/coaches showing their fun side during this dark time

The last week of March was supposed to be a time for Rangers fans to rejoice. The season was scheduled to start in Seattle, and then fans were able to witness a moment they’ve been waiting for in years, a home opener featuring a roof, a new palace, and a fresh start. Unfortunately, a worldwide pandemic changed all of the plans. While baseball halts, your Texas Rangers are finding ways to pass along the waiting period. Here are some social media highlights from the last few days:

Willie Calhoun and Joey Gallo

On Sunday, Willie and Joey took a crack at MLB 20 The Show, and fans witnessed their head-to-head on Twitch. Joey took advantage of his rating on the show and homered twice (he had an additional home run in a shortened exhibition game). In total, Gallo drove in five runs as himself. Willie was not too pleased, while Joey took it and ran with it.

Callix Crabbe

The Rangers assistant hitting coach is taking this opportunity to work on drills and practice with his son, who has some excellent reflexes. During the down period, Crabbe is keeping his usual positive attitude by staying healthy with his family.

CJ Nitkowski

Rangers’ TV color commentator, CJ Nitkowski, started a YouTube series called “One Man’s Trash.” The series features CJ and former Rockies’ outfielder now a commentator for AT&T sports Rocky Mountain, Ryan Spilborghs. It’s a neat series featuring stories behind the old things found around the house. I like to think of it as a sports version of an “Antique Roadshow,” excluding the price portion of the show.

Rangers Captain

Even the Texas Rangers Captain joins in to the fun. After Joey Gallo’s TikTok post, every baseball media outlet added some response. The Rangers’ Captain decided to make do of the opportunity and create a video of pretending to be one of Gallo’s neighbors. You can never go wrong with the Rangers Captain.

Robinson Chirinos

On Tuesday, Chirinos (whose back in his second stint with the Rangers), posted a video from the Rangers Twitter feed bringing everyone together in his tough time. He acknowledges he’s bummed (who wouldn’t be), but added some encouragement (also loved the Beltre jersey in the background).

The Rangers social media pages are urging Rangers fans to post pictures of previous home openers to celebrate. Although today projected as a special day in Rangers’ history, we can look forward to it in a short period if we heed the advice from people around. Stay safe, everyone!

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