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REACTION: DSF writers react to Dallas’ uninspiring divisional performance

Juwan : It would be irresponsible of me to say I’m surprised about the outcome of the game today, but I am. Was I a prisoner of the moment with their dominate win over LA last week? Maybe. However, given how depleted Philadelphia was across both units I figured talent alone would be enough for Dallas to overcome a team they’ve dominated with Zeke in the lineup. But, they didn’t. And it was, perhaps, the most embarrassing performance thus far in the biggest game of the season. I usually find myself defending Jason Garrett. And I still don’t believe it all rest at the feet of the head coach. But it’s obvious it just isn’t working with him at the helm. The team has a week left to put together a possible playoff saving week, but at this point is it even worth it?

Mason: In a game that would’ve clinched a second straight NFC East title for Dallas with a win, they go into Philadelphia and put up one of if not their worst offensive performance of the season. Even with multiple injuries for the Eagles both before and even during this game, their defense managed to shut down the best offense in the league statistically by bottling up Ezekiel Elliott early and forcing an injured Dak Prescott to throw 44 times. It’s about time we take a step back in the offseason and really think about Amari Cooper’s potential extension and just how much he should get. The back half of his season has left much more questions than answers. I know part of the blame is him dealing with injury, but he has disappeared from games far more than he has been a factor with just one touchdown in the past six weeks. Technically Dallas can still win the East with a win and Eagles loss next week, but that’s nothing to be excited about in the slightest. Whatever happens, let’s just hope they end the season on a high note when the 3-12 Redskins come to town.


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