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Rod Smith Should Pick Up The Slack During Elliott Suspension

The Dallas Cowboys are set to be without their star running back for six weeks. Currently Darren McFadden is set to be the starter as he has taken most of the first team reps throughout the first two games this preseason. Should McFadden be handed the keys to the starting role? He is the only back to have registered a 1,000 yard season with the star on his helmet.

Rod Smith has mostly received carries in the latter part of preseason games but he is showing quite a bit even with the level of competition being somewhat lacking. According to PFF, Smith has registered the most missed tackles forced by a running back.  Much like his brother Jaylon, Rod Smith is built to punish. He has a punishing style of running that is reminiscent of DeMarco Murray. He can be ellusive but Rod is more than willing to lower his shoulder into a defender.

Rod does a lot for this team with his versatility. He can return kicks, lineup in the slot as a receiver, play fullback or be the tailback. Which makes it a foregone conclusion that Rod Smith will be a member of the Dallas Cowboys in 2017. Given what he has shown thus far, he should be given the opportunity to take some reps with the first team offense.

He has the type of ability that would make him a three down back, which is what the team also sees in McFadden. Smith has averaged 4.6 yards per carry on 26 carries in three games. He only received one carry against the Rams. He recorded 53 rushing yards of the 161 combined by McFadden, Morris and Smith. More-so than just the stats it’s how Rod attacks the hole behind the offensive line. With the ball in his hands, Smith makes a decision and gets through.

The Dallas Cowboys will take on the Oakland Raiders on Saturday night in Arlington, pay particularly close attention when number 45 is in the backfield.

The Dallas Cowboys Editor for Dallas Sports Fanatic, Host of the Cowboys Fanatic Podcast and also covers the Cowboys for @WFAASports.

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