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The Cowboys won’t silence the critics by tweeting

The Cowboys won’t silence the critics by tweeting

You may recall earlier in the year when the hottest psychic analyst around, Tony Romo, revealed his early Super Bowl predictions: GreenBay Packers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars.

If Tony predicts the Jaguars are Super Bowl contenders then that alone is enough for me to know that the Dallas Cowboys will without a doubt be riding the struggle bus as they take on the toughest defense in the league.

If you’ve recently scrolled through Cowboy’s Twitter for more than 15 seconds then you are probably still seeing a lot of Jason Garrett backlash after his game-changing decision against Houston Sunday night. Some of the tweets are so bad I can’t even repeat them to you right now.

But as fans continue to grow impatient with the lack of success the team is experiencing, more Cowboys are openly expressing their frustration with both outside criticism and team production.

Criticism surrounding the Cowboys is truly taking shots from all corners. The loudest critics, perhaps, are those after Jason Garrett. At this point, fans are hoping for another 8-8 season just to test if Jerry Jones feels a little more of a push to change front office personnel. However, I’ve never been a fan who condones purposely losing and I am not about to start now. #TeamTank should be reserved only for the DeMarcus Lawrence hype train.

On the other hand there’s the head hunt for Dak Prescott, which, in turn, appears to indirectly be creating fatal tension between him and the receivers. In the last tweet included, WR Allen Hurns spoke out in frustration claiming that the receivers are doing their job by getting open. He then explained that he was not intending to take a shot at Dak, but more so make this a team-wide issue, not just a receiver issue.

I’m extremely curious as to what the locker room vibes are like these days.

Bottom line, it’s time for these fellas to silence the haters on the field and not on Twitter. This week’s matchup against Jacksonville is going to test Dallas’ ability to maximize on the positive takeaways against Houston. A win for Dallas isn’t going to have a major effect on the course of its season, but it certainly can’t hurt, either.

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