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This Day In Mavs History: Game 2 Historic Comeback Cements June 2nd

Photo Credit: “2011 NBA Champions Dallas Mavericks” by Michael Tipton, used under CC BY-SA 2.0

This Day In Mavs History: Game 2 Historic Comeback Cements June 2nd

There was two distinct time periods for any Dallas Mavericks fan, before June 2nd, 2011 and after June 2nd, 2011. Fans remember the before era as a hostile and emotional time as a MFFL.  After a gut-wrenching loss to the Miami Heat in the 2006 Finals, there was nothing but playoff misery.  Even in the run-up to the Finals in 2011, there was still something in the back of Mavs fans’ heads that told them it could be ruined in the snap of a finger. Yet, late in the fourth quarter on June 2nd, 2011 something clicked and changed for the franchise for the better.

As a fan watching that series, going into Game 2 was not a happy time for the Mavs. They had just got served a sound beating by the superstar Miami Heat team and it looked like the Mavs were just outmatched in every possible way.

Game 2 played out much like the start of Game 1. It was a back-and-forth contest between the teams, fueled by major runs. The problem was that while the Mavs would make decent runs to stay in the game and make it competitive, the Heat would simply run up the score. Each run they went on made it feel impossible to beat them. By the start of the fourth quarter, both Lebron James and Dwyane Wade were getting into a nice rhythm and it felt like another loss was coming,

As the fourth quarter was winding down, the Heat would make a play that to this day still infuriates me as a Maverick fan.  With seven minutes left in the game, the Heat was already up by 12 points. James takes the ball and goes straight for the basket before hitting a crossing Mario Chalmers with the ball. Then Chalmers passes the ball to Wade in the corner who hits a dagger three-point shot to put the Heat up 15.

The crowd is going wild, the Mavericks are in disbelief, and Lebron James playfully punches Wade in the chest as make their way to their seats.  Frustrated, I turn off the television and just sit in silence. Something later had me turn back the television set and I hear the Mavs have responded and not given up.

After two quick buckets, the Mavs had cut down the lead to just 11 points and you can start to hear the silence in the crowd. The Mavs kept hitting their shots and used suffocating defense to get back in control of the game.

Many contributed like Shawn Marion, Jason Kidd, and Jason Terry to the last few minutes in this crucial game. Yet, it was Dirk Nowitzski, who came through in the clutch to deliver one of his best postseason performances.

After the Heat tied the game back at 93, Dirk took the ball, faced the basket and drove for the winning layup.

Pure Joy!

To comeback down 15 and go on a 26-3 run in the final stretch of a game is one of the biggest accomplishments in NBA History.  That moment changed the Mavs’ future and gave them the confidence to go toe-to-toe with Miami for the rest of the series.

There were great moments throughout the series, but nothing as exciting and franchise changing than the moment when the Mavericks took over down the stretch during Game 2.


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