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Three things the Cowboys can do on offense to get back on track

Three things the Cowboys can do on offense to get back on track

The Dallas Cowboys (1-2) are currently one of the worst offensive team in the NFL as they are 31st in total offense. Three games into the season, Dak Prescott hasn’t passed for over 200 yards, Ezekiel Elliott is only averaging 16 carries per game. Let’s discuss what the Cowboys can do to get on track.

Run Zeke Run!!

Running back Ezekiel Elliott is currently the NFL’s leading rusher with 274 yards. The running game opens up the passing game and wear down the opposing offense, with Dallas they can’t move the football downfield which has resulted in less carries for Elliott.

When Elliott rushes for 20 or more carries in a game the offense flows tremendously, but when he receives less the team struggles to move the ball. The reason for that is because Prescott hasn’t shown he can consistently beat teams with his arm.

The best situation for the Cowboys is to get back to running the football effectively with Elliott and controlling the time of possession. This team is built to thrive in the run game so they need to get back to the drawing boards and figure out ways to get Elliott the football.

More RPO for Dak Prescott

The Run-Pass Option is a great way for offenses to keep the defense honest with how they set up their formations. Dak Prescott is one of the best in the league at running the option, especially in the red zone.

Three weeks into the season, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan has limited Prescott’s strengths and is making him throw from the pocket. When you are building a team, you have to put players in the best positions and tailor the scheme to his abilities.

In order for Prescott to be effective, this coaching staff needs to build the offense to his strengths. Prescott will improve but he has to trust his abilities and go through his progressions. He is the starter so he needs to be better these next couple of games.

More Creativity, Less Conservative

The Dallas Cowboys, under head coach Jason Garrett, have been known to be a very conservative offense when things go wrong. The coaching staff gives up too soon on their game plan and plays the game too safe, in the NFL you have to adjust and get creative.

Jason Garrett and his staff have an outdated scheme and he doesn’t want to adapt to the change in the NFL. Every team knows what they are going to do which makes the offense very predictable. It is the head coach responsibility to get creative and find ways win games.

Garrett’s biggest issues ever since becoming head coach is clock management and halftime adjustments. When the Cowboys are trailing at halftime, they have a high chance of losing because Garrett is not good at adjusting in the second half of games.

In order for this team to get back to their potential, they have to dominate the run game, have a balanced passing attack, and be more creative. These three key steps are what I believe the Cowboys need to do if they want to have any success on offense.

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