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While the Sports World pauses, Cowboys free agents await contract news

Heading into this week, Dallas Cowboys fans were anxiously awaiting updates on the status of the team’s free agents. To begin the week, the franchise tag deadline was extended to Monday, March 12th. The team had stepped up their negotiations with players like Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott. However, the plot has thickened in society since Monday. A pandemic has swept the nation and countries around the globe, leaving the NFL and other pro sports talk on the back burner. With pro athletes, world leaders, and everyday citizens contracting COVID-19, contract talks are being put on hold.

Photo: Michael Lark/Dallas Sports Fanatic

As of this post, this Sunday, the NFL is still scheduled to vote on the new collective bargaining agreement proposal, which would allow the league year to start on time. However, other major professional sports leagues have suspended, canceled or delayed their seasons in light of the pandemic. The NCAA Tournament has been canceled, adding to the Madness taking place this March in society. Locally, public gatherings are being discouraged, such as in Dallas County, where the pandemic has forced the local government to declare a State of Emergency.

Free Agents and CBA Talks Will Wait:

With these developments, it would appear naive to gather in person and vote on the new CBA. Furthermore, it would seem unnecessary for the Cowboys to discuss contracts with their free agents in person. Cowboys fans will continue to wait for updates on the team’s free agents. Meanwhile, players and organization personnel will continue to wait for contract talks in person. While deadlines make deals, the world’s focus is rightfully elsewhere. Look for potential negotiations with pending free agents to take place through different means than in person. Cowboys fans, be safe, stay strong, and continue to stick with Dallas Sports Fanatic. We will keep you up to speed on Cowboys contract news, but more importantly, empathize with you as we all fight this pandemic together.

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