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DSF Mailbag: Confidence in the offense after Sunday’s performance?

Do you have more confidence in this offense heading into Seattle after watching them against Atlanta?

Griffin: After scoring 40 points on Sunday, you can only be confident in the offense. Once the ball security issues got fixed the Cowboys’ offense was nearly unstoppable. Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb were both able to get 100 yards receiving while Michael Gallup made a huge catch along the sideline. Dalton Schultz even silenced some of his doubters with a solid performance outside of the fumble. Going into Seattle, the offensive line will continue to be a huge question but if Tyron Smith is deemed healthy to play, there is no reason Prescott and company cannot keep up the same pace.

Juwan: A part of me wants to say I am because of how many different pieces they got involved Sunday. We got a chance to see the blueprint come to life for how this team was going to be successful this season. However, I need to see it against a contending team such as the Seattle Seahawks. Being lackluster in week one and bouncing back for a fiery performance is how a team ends 8-8. So I’ll reserve my excitement on this offense until we see them string together consecutive good games.

Daryl Johnston talked about the struggles of transitioning from a 4-3 to 3-4 rusher…With that, does DeMarcus Lawrence receive too much criticism for being lackluster through two weeks?

Griffin: When you have not been performing up to your contract, especially for the Dallas Cowboys, you are going to receive criticism. For DeMarcus Lawrence, he has yet to make a real impact on a defensive line that needs help. He was better against Atlanta than he was against Los Angeles, but still not up to the standard the defense needs. It is too early in the season to make a fair judgment but if the trend continues, a lot more criticism would be fair.

Juwan: No. Because this isn’t a situation where he dominated for a stretch and a scheme change resulted in the dropoff in performance. DeMarcus Lawrence has not been the elite edge rusher the Dallas Cowboys signed to that mega-extension during the 2019 offseason. Since his 14.5 sack season in 2017, his numbers has steadily declined. We know the praise he gets for being an effective run defender, but his pay should encompass being elite in both areas.

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