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Season Outlook: Predicting the Cowboys final 2020 record

Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire

Season Outlook: Predicting the Cowboys final 2020 record

10/25, Washington Football Team (W)

Reason: The Dallas Cowboys have given little reason why anyone should believe they can be a competitive football team moving forward. However, the NFC East is not a division full of competitive teams. And outside of their week one win, Washington’s offense has looked just as bad as Dallas did Monday night. They’ve only scored 20 points twice this season and Dallas should have enough to pull out their second divisional win of the year.

11/01, Philadelphia Eagles (W)

Reason: Similar to last year’s week 16 game, Dallas will face a Philadelphia offense devoid of their top talent. Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert, the two players that helped the Eagles beat Dallas last year, will be out.

Lane Johnson may mot be ready to come back, Miles Sanders missed Monday’s practice and a handful of their contributing receivers are listed under “limited.”

Added to the fact, Carson Wentz hasn’t looked like the $100 million quarterback Philadelphia paid him to be. It will be an ugly game, but Dallas should have enough healthy bodies over the Eagles to pull one out.

11/08, Pittsburgh Steelers (L)

Reason: Pittsburgh is better. They’re undefeated through five games and nothing outside of being a hometown fan tells you that Dallas has a chance of pulling this game out.

11/22, Minnesota Vikings, (L)

Reason: The Minnesota Vikings currently sit in fourth in the NFC North with one win on the season. However, the Vikings are averaging 139.2 yards per game on the ground, which means you might can tack another 50-75 yards on to that against this Dallas run defense. Three of their five losses have came against Green Bay, Tennesse and Seattle – who all are legitimate playoff teams. They loss by 9 to the Packers in a game they put up 34 points. They only loss by one against the Titans and Seahawks.

11/26, Washington Football Team (W)

Reason: I still think Dallas is just a better football team than Washington. Washington has a defensive line that will take advantage of Dallas’ offensive line, but they also have no sense of direction on the offensive side of things.

12/03, Baltimore Ravens (L)

Reason: Reigning MVP Lamar Jackson against a historical bad defense.

12/13, Cincinnati Bengals (W)

Reason: This may be Andy Dalton’s best game of the season. Should be an added fire under him against a team he spent more than a decade with against a quarterback in Joe Burrow that caused the Bengals to move on from Dalton. I expect Dalton to give us a flash of a suitable starting quarterback against a Bengals defense who hasn’t stopped anyone since week one against the Chargers – a game they still lost.

12/20, San Francisco 49ers (L)

Reason: The 49ers hasn’t looked like their 2019 selves and currently sit fourth in the NFC West. Ironically, their 3-3 performance would have them a game ahead of Dallas in the NFC East. They’re still a better football team and you can expect later in the year they will be dialed in on returning to the postseason.

12/27, Philadelphia Eagles (L)

Reason: Eagles should be back healthy, somewhat. And this is a game that could decide who represents in the NFC East in their one round stay in the playoffs. Carson Wentz versus Andy Dalton doesn’t seem like a favorable matchup for Dallas with the fate of the division on the line.

01/03, New York Giants (W)

Reason: I know they nearly lost to them with Dak behind center, but the Giants are simply worst then the Cowboys.

Final Record: 7-9

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