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The top 5 most anticipated Mavs games of 2018-2019


The 2018-2019 NBA schedule was released Friday and while everyone looks to see when LeBron goes up against Cleveland, we stay loyal and break down Dirk’s (potential) final season schedule.

To begin, it is not a very favorable schedule, as the Mavs continue to sit in the Western Conference and arguably the toughest division. However, we have the coaching and talent to compete, so don’t count the Mavs out quite yet.

There’s a lot of excitement particularly with the young backcourt and new big man in town, but apart from that, could this be #41’s last season? It’s gut-wrenching to say or even think about, but could very well be the case. For now, let’s break down the top five key games this year for the young-studded Dallas Mavericks.

5. Mavericks at Hawks | Oct. 24 – 6 pm | ESPN

The biggest trade of the draft comes into fruition this game. We all know what happened on draft-night when the Mavs sent a protected 2019 first round pick to the Hawks to essentially swap Luka Doncic for Trae Young.

The fourth game of the year is not only featured on the national television, but it also is much anticipated across the league. Two lottery picks are looking to prove themselves as future stars in this league and it starts now. The Sooner and the Slovenian guard will forever be linked because of the 2018 draft.

4. Lakers at Mavericks | Jan. 7 – 7:30 pm | FSSW

Welcome to Dallas, LeBron James, or should we say (LA)Bron James. Tickets are already pricey when the Lakers come to town, but now that James is there, you can find them already starting at $82 a piece according to

Dallas will always have a “special” place in his heart no matter what name he wears on his chest. The Mavs and Lakers could be fighting for a later playoff spot, so this game could actually have some importance for the first in a long time.

3. Mavericks at Clippers | Dec. 20 – 9:30 pm | TNT

The great reunion. DeAndre Jordan returns to his former home in LA to play his old team. Now that his old team has a whole new identity from when “Lob City” was a thing, DJ should be welcomed back with a healthy case of boos.

Speaking of Lob City, now that DJ is here and paired with our young backcourt of elite vision and passing, we may witness an excessive amount of lobs to our own big man. Don’t worry DeAndre, our big three won’t lock you in a house only to leave you a year or two later. Loyalty is a thing here in Dallas.

2. Mavericks at Suns | Oct. 17 – 9:30 pm | ESPN

Two significant reasons to watch this game, besides it being the season opener for the Mavs. The battle of two of the top three picks and the battle of the DeAndre’s. These types of clashes are what fans look forward to and they won’t be disappointed. A huge reason why this is one of five nationally televised games for the Mavs this year.

Not only will we all be watching for those reasons, but everyone anticipates the first game, no matter what sport we’re discussing. This year brings even more hype than recent years with the additions of two new starters in Doncic and DJ.

Who will win their first NBA game before the other? Doncic or Ayton?

1. Mavericks at Spurs | April 10 – 7 pm | FSSW

Anticipation is not the right word for this game, but it will be a game all Mavs fans will always remember. Dirk just might have a Kobe-esque/drop the mic/memorable performance for his last game ever in the NBA. Dirk already overtook Kobe Bryant’s record for most seasons with one franchise (21) so he might as well score 61 points to surpass Kobe on that record-setting final game performance also. Again, this is all assuming this is his last year, and it more than likely will be.

On top of this game possibly being the last for Dirk, it’s up against his greatest rival over the years. There couldn’t be a better opponent for him to go out against, but we all just wish the NBA could have set this up at home. Now, let’s all carpool down I-35 to the AT&T Center to celebrate Dallas’ greatest –  Dirk Werner Nowitzki.

Other notable games:

  • Mavericks at Lakers | Oct. 31 – 9:30 pm | FSSW (First game vs. LeBron in LA)
  • Warriors at Mavericks | Nov. 17 – 7:30 pm | FSSW (First game vs. defending champs)
  • Clippers at Mavericks | Dec. 2 – 7 pm | FSSW (DJ welcomes old team to town)
  • Suns at Mavericks | April 9 – 7:30 pm | FSSW (Potentially Dirk’s last home game)

To check out the Dallas Mavericks full schedule, click here.

If you think I missed a game, reach out to me on Twitter @darienclark5 to chat about any other games you’re anticipating.

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