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Why Dallas Cowboys should rest their starters this weekend

When the injury bug strikes an NFL team, it tends to bite viciously. The Dallas Cowboys have experienced this over the last few weeks, as several starters have suffered injuries. Last weekend, the team saw Zack Martin and Xavier Woods leave with injuries. While both are questionable for week one, Travis Frederick is questionable for the season. After being diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder, Frederick is without a timetable to return. With this in mind, here’s why Dallas should rest their starters against the Arizona Cardinals:

Deflated Supporting Cast Around Offensive Stars:

With Frederick and Martin sidelined, the Cowboys vaunted offensive line has some kinks in the armor. Tyron Smith has been given off days in camp as well. With La’el Collins dealing with a minor ankle injury, the team shouldn’t risk Dak Prescott or Ezekiel Elliott. With depleted depth at o-line, the Dallas Cowboys would be better served keeping Dak and Zeke on the sideline.

Cost/Benefit Analysis:

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the team playing their starters. Sure, Dak may benefit from getting live reps throwing to his new supporting cast. But, is it worth the risk of him getting injured? Sure, Zeke could benefit from seeing some live action since the ending of last season. However, a depleted wall of blockers could see Zeke running into a wall. On defense, the team has already seen what they wanted to see out of their young defense. Is risking another  Xavier Woods situation worth the one half of preseason football?

While the NFL norm used to be to treat your third preseason game as a dress rehearsal, many teams have already changed their mantra. The Green Bay Packers have already ruled out Aaron Rodgers for this weekend’s game, and the Los Angeles Rams have essentially done the same with Todd Gurley and Jared Goff. While more reps is never a bad thing, the risk of injury is not worth the potential gain that can be had in a half of a meaningless game.

The Dallas Cowboys should see the picture in front of them, and rest their starters. We’ll see if they see the same picture on Sunday night.

Staff writer covering the Dallas Cowboys | Broadcast journalism major who is crazy about sports. Dallas native who loves to talk sports and follow the action with fellow fans. Follow me on Twitter @wingate_jared

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